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Private School Kids Being Taken Advantage Of ?!?!

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Niece just got home from school (LVD) with a permission slip in hand.She is to do a "fun run" a week from Sat.---a day that the school is normally closed.The kicker is that she (we) have to pay 350 PHP for this privilege.If she doesn't pay and also participates in the run she gets a failing grade for the course.

There is a nice disclaimer at the bottom of the form. If the event is cancelled for any reason such as weather,etc.-----the 350PHP won't be refunded.

This is not the first time that we have been stiffed for silly fees and am sure that it won't be the last.Perhaps its time to draw the line and be a butthead about this. Also, every Sat is important to the niece as its the only day that she can see her mother who lives 20 KM to the north of T Town. A lot of families scrap by to put their kids thru private school and don't need to be stiffed for another 350 PHP to go for a jog. Have school administrators forgotten or simply don't know that 350PHP is more than a typical farm worker makes in a day? Anyway--what say you ?


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14 minutes ago, Bama said:

Have school administrators forgotten or simply don't know that 350PHP is more than a typical farm worker makes in a day? Anyway--what say you ?

Happens all the time with the nieces out here so it is not just your school. Also you have to realize that most parents sending kids to private school don't care about a few fees and that your typical farm worker doesn't send their kids to private school.

You may also want to check on the grading. The school that the youngest goes to has these little activities that can affect the grade, but would not cause her to fail the course unless she was borderline passing.

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Is there an option for another private school in your area?  My son also goes to a private school and he has more dancing and odd events than I can mention, I didn't' even want to send him to a private school the wife always has to show off and it's expensive so are the books, really I can't afford to send him to this private school he did much better in public and many of these private schooled kids CAN'T afford to pay for these odd events and it's amazing that the parents were able to get them into the school and most don't have all their books and uniforms this is IAW, my son he's in 7th grade now... so what if they get a failing grade failing for what,  gym class?  better she spends time with her mother on Saturdays, if you can get the wife to agree to public school I'd go that route.


These private and public schools subsidize others with more money on trips, my son started off in private and in 2nd grade they had a bus trip to Manila but the total cost for me and my wife to attend was 3,000 pesos this got us a seat and the ones that can't afford it in private school they sit in middle island area or on the floor that's just one example so if you're a foreigner always expect that your to be used as a walking bankroll and subsizider for the others, they love to make you in charge of all their money raising events, fake trophy's/titles everybody gets one... I can't stand the schools here you opened up a can of worms with me.

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My wife took one of those free TESDA classes.  I was always getting hit up for something.  Most expensive free class I can imagine.

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I have no idea what LVD is, but private schools are notorious for their mandatory participation and unexpected fees.  My children have gone to private schools and I have several relatives who teach in public schools.  The contrast is striking.

Public schools are extremely aware (the teachers) of the perceptions of any events that cost money.  There will often be lengthy discussion and debate about the various events held by the school.  As well, many times teachers are expected to keep their classrooms in good condition and will be evaluated by their superiors if the classroom is lacking niceties. In effect, some of their salary goes to maintaining the same classroom they teach in. But a simple field trip will end up being like deciding on what sort of funeral package you want.

As far as fees, I have learned to accept them as part of the privilege (???) of attending a private school.  I choose to look at the costs as costs to me.  I don’t consider the fact that some fees are greater than the amount I pay for a worker for days labor.  My way of adapting to the realities. If I can afford it, I accept it.

My daughters have several dresses bought exclusively for some dances they are required to attend.  For my son, at least he can use the sport coat or suit we bought until he outgrows it.  We have a large extended family, so the dresses and such get passed down.  One of daughters win some sort of "best dressed" at one of these events.  It was funny, because the dress was a cheap off the rack dress and the other girls had families that paid tens of thousands of pesos for custom made dresses.

As far as standing up to the school,  remember where you live.  No good deed goes unpunished.  Lack of cooperation may result in some sort of payback, in this case to the child.  I know some members of LinC will view that as wimping out.  Perhaps so, but I have lived here long enough to know to choose my battles when I can.  

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