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In A Traffic Accident, Call The Police, Not CITOM

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In a traffic accident, call the police, not Citom


SunStar September 19, 2018

THE personnel of the City Traffic Operatons Management (CITOM) are no longer authorized to conduct investigation about all traffic-related cases in Cebu CIty.

Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) Traffic Group OIC Dexter Balansag Basirgo said in his letter the to CTTO/CITOM operations head Francisco Ouano that the Citom personnel's responsibility in the area of the vehicular accident is only limited to directing the traffic flow.

The investigation and sketching of every vehicular accident will be the jurisdiction of the PNP.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Cebu CIty Mayor Osmeña said "The police have ordered CITOM to no longer resolve traffic accidents. If you are involved in an accident, sorry, we can no longer help you. Please contact the police directly. CITOM can only be in the area to manage traffic flow," Osmeña said.



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It's really unbelievable that they still make it a requirement to not move vehicles in an accident, no matter how minor, and wait for whomever to come and draw a picture.  Traffic isn't bad enough and they block it for what?  Take a pic and get the cars off the road ASAP!  It's a matter between the owners and their insurance if they have any.  When I ask why they continue to do this, the standard reply is "we've always done it this way."  AWESOME!

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If I have an accident and need my insurance to cover the cost I sure will NOT move anything - I would order Jollibee for the time waiting - have a nice picknick in the road while waiting for the police. Order 2 extra Chickenjoy for the PNP to arrive so that they have some food too - and like me from the start - hehehehe

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Was in an accident in a grab car last week, concussion, bruises, anyway I didn't wait but the grab driver and other car sure did. About 1.5hours in an intersection, it was just after midnight though. What happened was the other car t-boned us, weird sensation seeing those headlights coming right at me and then seemingly coming in the car.

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Remember, this ONLY applies to Cebu City. In all other cities, their traffic enforcement people can conduct the initial investigation. PNP officers will always conduct the final review in the police station.

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