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Set/reset Solar Outdoor Led Lamp

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I have a newly purchased Exor brand solar outdoor lamp.  I know it is working or at least the lights work when I disconnect the solar panel from the lights.  Reconnect and the lights go out.

There is a single switch, a toggle switch.  It has OFF, AUTO and PIR as markings.  I’m sure the PIR refers to passive IR.

I don’t know how to set the light up.  I want it to be used as a passive IR device, to go on as someone approaches. 

Live tried various google searches for similar lights, but can’t sort out what should work.  Some instructions refer to holding the switch in a particular position for a short while.

Any members with first hand knowledge of these sort of lights with a switch as I describe?

I couldn’t find any sort of website for the Exor company. 

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No, the video is hard to load, but the closed caption text described a different process....setting brightness and such.  

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1 hour ago, Jawny said:

I know it is working or at least the lights work when I disconnect the solar panel from the lights.

Is this website of any value?


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I am guessing that Exor is a rip-off of the Ex-or name, a Honeywell company.

The Exor products are lighting fixtures, to include the solar lights.  The Ex-or products seem to be far more sophisticated. 

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Have you tried approaching the light in the dark? If it comes on then it is working with PIR, if it comes on at dusk then it is on auto, if it never comes on then it is either off or broken, I have several solar wall lights around the outside of my house, I have mixed auto with PIR, so each house corner (auto) comes on at dusk and goes off at around 5 am due to the battery power almost at zero volts, the PIR lights are over my front and back doors and work too well as they sense cats and dogs wandering past, but can't say I mind. 

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Thanks for the suggestions.  I may have stumbled upon a solution.  More error than trial.

The switch has three positions, and off is a no brainer.  I was conducting my trials by swtichimg between auto and PIR. Never seemed to make a difference, until I WAITED.

i had failed to notice that the light would come on when I covered the solar collector. Made sense, since it was as if it had become night.  However, I didn’t wait long enough.  After a minute, the light would then switch off.  Then, motion would activate it.  I realized I hadn’t waited long enough for the light to go out so the PIR could activate.  

Works fine.  No need for the assembly drawing to have actual WORDS to explain the function   Just keep pushing something until it works 

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Hi. Interesting topic... AS..

I'm currently waiting for two Solar lamps as in picture to arrive from Lazada. Maybe your issues have helped me already as these have night sensing and PIR also... 5b3fd36ff28b4d7141375d3bbca25c2f.jpg

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