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PESOnet - transfer money to other philippine banks easily

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Just got this email from PNB - and tested it.
Actually it works only in the PNB APP - but its really easy like I was used to in from germany.
Click the Transfer funds Button - choose the receipients Bank - enter Account, Name, Adress and amount - click Send - Done.

I now just wait how long it takes that the recipient got the money.

Good news! You may now transfer funds from your PNB Peso Account to participating local banks through the PNB Mobile Banking App.

Our latest mobile banking enhancement offers a safe, convenient, and affordable way to send money to other banks in the Philippines.
Your beneficiary will receive the full value of the transfer on the same banking day (subject to cut-off).

Simply perform the following steps:
1. Login to the PNB Mobile Banking App.
2. From the main menu, select Transfer Funds> Other Local Banks - PESONet.
3. Choose your Peso Source Account and provide payment details.
4. Review and confirm your transaction via a One-Time-PIN (OTP).

A confirmation page will be displayed. You will also receive email and SMS notifications for your transaction.

PESONet for more details.
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I sent money from PNB Cebu via the PNB App to a BPI account in Manila.
Date sent was September 7 - the money arrived in the bpi account on September 11 - so it took 4 days but the weekend was in between.


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