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Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage

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Six years ago I had to fill out paperwork then raise my hand and swear that what I had signed was true.I had a copy of my divorce decree plus a copy of my wife's death certificate ask ask if they wanted to see those.They said yes that would be nice.Thought that was a bit strange.

Also had to pay a fee,can't remember how much that was.

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I don't think I have a notarized copy of my divorce decree, only a photocopy which is what I used for the ALLCM.  Also, as Dafey noted, if you just say you've never been married, they have no way to dispute.  Of course, it is possible it might bite you in the arse if you later decide to get your wife a visa to the US and they want to see your wedding papers.  Even then though, if you and your wife just stick to your never having been married before story, you're ok unless they also want tax records and you filed jointly.  

I'm certain my wife did not join me at the Consulate when I got the ALLCM.  She is not mentioned on the form at least at that time.  You can get one even not being engaged yet.  You could say you're meeting your gf in the province and if things go well you'll ask her and don't want to have to return to Cebu to get the form then.  It's only a letter saying you swore you were legal to marry.

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