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Anyone found decent gas grills in Cebu?

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Gas grills are very expensive (at least in Thailand) and those that are more reasonable are very poor quality (low quality Chinese).  The humidity takes it toll so even SS burners will rust out in a couple of years so need to have a source for resupply if you want extended service.  I am currently using my original Sears Kenmore single burner unit from 1979 (still able to get burners that fit and have to replace every few years).  Very thick aluminum (or magnesium) and has held up will.  Several nice looking Chinese products came and went within a year or so during this period but the Sears still using original gas control (several new dials however).   I suspect these days SS units are worth the extra price for our climate if you can be sure of getting replacement burners.  

If ordering be sure it is designed for the same type of gas you have locally.  Know that originally I had to drill out gas control to get it working right on my US purchase for local LP gas (this was 40 years ago)

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12 hours ago, Salty Dog said:

Was looking at these at Lowes in USA the other day. Surprised how cheap they've gotten here. The lid alone on the Weber was very heavy...

2018-08-01 12.01.05.jpg2018-08-01 12.00.53.jpg

2018-08-01 12.01.14.jpg2018-08-01 12.01.58.jpg2018-08-01 12.01.39.jpg

I need one of those!


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