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Current Commercial Advertising Rates

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Salty Dog

Please Note: These ads are for commercial / business listings. For personal advertising rates, please view the Personal Advertising Rates thread.

The current advertising rates for this site are as follows:

Package 1 – *$165.00 USD - Six Months
Package 2 – *$275.00 USD - One-Year
Package 3 – *$380.00 USD - Eighteen Months
Package 4 – *$440.00 USD - Twenty-Four Months

In case of any confusion, these rates are for the 125 x 125 banners located at the top and bottom of most every page on the forums, and in  the right column of the Forums Index Page. The banner can have a link to your site. An example banner is below:

  Seaways Travel

How to start banner advertising campaign on this site:

1. Email your banner to @Salty Dog. Images can be in .bmp, .jpg, .gif, animated .gif, or .png formats.

2. Make a payment in USD only, in the amount of $________ (payment amount depends on length of campaign that you choose, above), via PayPal to [email protected]

Other payment methods must be pre-arranged with @Salty Dog.

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