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1 hour ago, SkyMan said:

He gave me some examples...

6 panels 4 batteries  p198K

8 panels 8 batteries  p288K

The 4 batteries would provide about 10KWh draining to 50% with no solar input.  The batteries would last longer if you drained them less.  System would switch to mains at the level you set.

Wow, this is very cheap! Do I understand this correctly. This would a 10kwh system? Or what is the system spec (solar panel and battery total capacity, inverter)?

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The panels he uses are 270W so 6 panels about 1.6KW, 8 panels about 2KW.    The batteries, 4 fully charged, would provide about 10KWH before discharging to 50%.  For me that would be about 1 (no sun) day. He said the batteries discharghing to 50% would last about 3 years.  

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On 8/27/2018 at 6:42 AM, fordtech said:

I do not know but will ask. I will ask my solar guy if he could help you out on a auto switch over from Celco to generator. His Solar setup does it and it works flawlessly. 

On 8/27/2018 at 7:45 PM, SkyMan said:

Fordtech's solar guy may be a good solution for you if you can handle the up front cost.

Thanks fordtech. Although, not sure that would work with my generator. It already has a computer control that is capable of doing that, however, the way it works is by detecting if the mains power goes off, it then sends a signal to the generator to start, it checks it has started and stabilised then opens the mains breaker and closes the generator breaker. Conversely, if the mains power returns, it opens the generator breaker, closes the mains breaker, then shuts down the generator. I dont know if an external auto switch would be capable of communicating with the generator to start or stop it.

I have found that the generator computer has not been wired to detect the mains voltage, hence when I put it into auto, it starts the generator, even though the mains power is connected. I have not been able to take the generator apart to find out if the auto breakers are present or not.

It would seem the 2Kva set up is quite cheap, I wonder if that includes the installation and inverter. Although the 3 year battery life seems a bit short to me. Maybe some better quality longer lasting batteries would be an advantage, although that would increase to cost somewhat.

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