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The Countess Pension House (Liloan)

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The wife and I were in Liloan last night and had the pleasure of staying at the Countess Pension House. While Liloan may not be on most of your travel plans if you find yourself there you could do a lot worse than this hotel.

While it does not look like much on the outside this pension house has all the amenities you might need to stay happy overnight. We opted for a room with hot/cold water, AC and a queen bed. That ran 1200 pesos and comes with good cable and free wifi. Seriously...the wifi worked in the room and was very fast! 

The location is just north of town center and walking distance, (a healthy walking distance), to Gaisanos and restaurants. There are plenty of Jeepneys running up and down National Highway so if you are feeling lazy 8 pesos will get you there.

There are a variety of rooms ranging in lower to higher prices including a family room. Ours was very quiet and we slept like babies.

The room and bathroom were large and extremely clean. There were 3 pillows, (very rare), on the queen bed and plenty of room for your things. We had to turn down the AC before we went to bed as it was blowing extremely cold...I like that.

The staff are proud that they are the "newest" pension house in town and are extremely helpful. They even googled a restaurant we wanted to eat at, The Tango Macaron which was excellent and a must if you find yourself staying in Liloan. And you never know who you'll run into there...

One downside is trying to get a cab. At 6:30 AM I started trying to request a Grab Taxi but kept getting an "all drivers are busy". We did luck out and flagged an empty cab to the curb at about 7. Good news is...there is secure parking inside the hotel if you bring your own transport.




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23 minutes ago, Dafey said:

And you never know who you'll run into there...

Nice to meet you Dafey. Sorry we didn't have more time to chat.

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