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Super Aggressive Traffic Police Lapu Lapu City

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Steven Mactan

A few days ago I happen to be driving in heavy traffic just around the corner from my house when I happened to notice several uniformed police officers standing along the shoulder of the road.  

As I drew nearer one of the officers pointed at me through my windshield and then pointed over to the side of the road.  I immediately pulled over as instructed, and waited for the officer to arrive.  The officer asked for all of my documents, including the original receipt of sale from when my car was originally purchased from the dealership back in 1997!

I got pulled over by the police about five years ago for making an illegal turn in front of a shopping mall, and at that time they only asked to see my license, registration, and another document to prove that the car was insured, but they did not ask for the original sales receipt from when the car was initially purchased from the dealership?

After a few minutes of digging in my glove box I was able to locate my sales receipt and I provided it along with the other documents to the police officer.  The reason why I mention the original sales receipt from the dealership, is that someone told me that if you don't have this document in your car, then the police can impound your vehicle.  Who carries the original sales receipt in their car?

Anyway, to make a long story short, the police officer gave me a ticket for driving without a seatbelt on, and then took my license away from me.  

This morning I went down to their office to pay my fine and to pick up my license.  As I was standing in line the person if front of me also had a ticket for no sea belt, and his fine was only 1,000 Php.  However, when I went up to the window, the woman told me that my fine was way over 3,000 Php!  When I asked her why my fine was so expensive compared to the other driver's fine, she said that it was because I had a passenger in my car that also did not have a belt.  Hmmmm......?

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Related as far as seat belts & showing docs

First time driving to Mactan - used GPS Offline Navigation - indicated to make right hand turn in front of Pacific Mall coming from Cebu City - saw yellow fence barricades - assumed they were for entrance to mall - never moved from right hand lane -my error - should have moved into the lane created from what was the right lane  - got to intersection made right hand turn.

 Cop on cycle flagged me down - pulled into gas station -  only had to show drivers license -  gave it back then  was told had to go to office tomorrow, Tata did the talking was able to pay the "fine" right there 500P .

Looked on Google Maps to see why I made the mistake - from the aerial view looks like it was a double right hand turn at one time and the fence was added to make it a single.

Tata did something that shocked me. Got out of car and took pics of cop's cycle license plate cause he wouldn't let her take pic of his face - she was concerned that a traffic cam had me .and we would get "fined" twice

He did look to see if we both had seat belts on - we did - after years of driving that way doesn't feel right now not to  - she wears hers cause I do.

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1 hour ago, Steven Mactan said:

including the original receipt of sale from when my car was originally purchased from the dealership back in 1997!

This is the first time I hear that you need to carry that paper

When I had motor bike added to my ph license I joint the pretest class for the written test

it came up what papers to have in the car  copy of OR and copy of CR, that is all

and you drivers license

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I have always carried a copy of my OR, and CR. Do NOT loose your OR from original car sale, never give it to an enforcer.

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