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Putting Paint to Canvas

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30 minutes ago, aabel said:

Much museum

Maybe Munch museum ?  Or am I confused ?


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I spend most of my waking hours (and some non-waking hours) oil painting on stretched canvas. My latest work is Lahug, Cebu City. Please feel free to comment. All comments are welcomed; good, bad

My latest painting: And Another Thing oil on canvas 30 by 24 inches  

While stuck here in New Jersey I painted a painting of my wife with my mother. I really miss my studio in Barili.   The Artist's Wife and Mother oil on canvas 24 x 30 inches

Posted Images

Oh, sorry. Edward Munch was a Norwegian painter, dead some 1942.


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1 hour ago, aabel said:

I did have to go 3 times looking - and looking. I have been to the Much museum here in Norway. One should never compare, but the more you look, the more you see.

As my asawa and me are stuck abroad, we cant invite you to our home in Mactan for the time being. May be, later on, if we are there and you are there, we can arrange a meeting?

Thanks for showing us.


Thank you for the invite aabel. I have been stuck in the States for 15 months now, but will finally be back to Cebu in a couple of weeks. I very rarely leave Barili, but would be happy to accept your invitation. You and your wife are welcome to come to my home in Barili anytime, also.

Here is the HeyMike version of The Scream...



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The brand new Munch museum is to be opened within some months now. Big building in Oslo.

May be you can be presented there? I do not know, but your paintings are strongly impressing me.

Just try, cost you next to nothing additional to what you already have done. And make it clear that all expenses has to be payed by them  May be more in a private chat.

Good luck anyhow.

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