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White Castle Sliders Recipe

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Dammit...I'm getting hungry again.


Me too!


Love Sliders after a hard night of drinking and debauchery...can't say that I miss the aroma in the latrine afterwards though...hahaha


I will need to try this recipe out I think. I do recall seeing them made on many occasions and the note about setting the bun on top to catch the steam was spot on.


My favorites were the double bacon cheeseburgers...but any slider will do right about now. Now that is a franchise that might do well in the Philippines...too bad they are so regionalized even in the US.

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White Castle is a privately held, family owned business. They have not franchised (yet) and they aren't listed on the stock exchanges. The Ingram family has a tight rein on the company.It is currentlybeing run by the third generation.

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When I worked there we tried all sorts of combinations to change the basic WC. We built doubles and triples before they were being offered to the public. We brought bacon from home and cooked it in the deep fryer to make bacon WC's. We even deep fried the frozen patties instead of steaming them.


But the winner was when we brought tomatoes, mayo and lettuce from home to add. We found they made a regular White Castle taste like a Frischs Big Boy, almost...

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