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Bitcoin bloodbath nears dot-com crash levels as hundreds of other cryptocurrencies go to zero

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After the "death" of Gerald Cotten I think more and more tends towards that bitcoin is one of the greatest scam and maybe he pulled of one the greatest exit scams ever performed - Storing the money in a cold wallet!!! And dying in India and confirming it there? What a great plan and thing to pull off. In my views he is happily living on with 150mUSD who nobody can trace - thanks to bitcoin. Not that it is a mistake to use a cold wallet or a free pass to an exit scam, but how it was used!!! Only he had access - great plan.

In any other circumstances where a bank limits or prohibits withdrawals would raise all alarm bells and customer would go to the barricades - but exactly that happened one week before his death (strange no). But not on a crypto exchange - what a joke. 

Anyway, professional like Gerald Cotten that handle "money" of customers in such an unprofessional way do not shed a very good light on cryptos. Maybe the biggest scam in history is not over yet - some clever boys still around - 

Well that is blockchain - it forgives no mistakes and cannot be cracked. Ironically, at the same time,  with its relentless transparency that makes it possible to make huge fortunes, it makes it possible to disappear without a trace. If that is the case I have to bow in front of Gerard Cotten. Great scam!!!

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