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WINLAND TOWERS Condo Unit - Studio unit

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WINLAND TOWERS Condo Unit -    STUDIO UNIT   for sale

I have 2 units which are located side  by side .  I am willing to sell either one . They are not furnished altho the studio unit  has had a full kitchen installed  ie cabinets, counters, fume hood etc .

Both units are 40 sq meters .  Units are on the 11th floor with a wide open view and lots of air flow .

One is a studio  unit. .  Windows to the balcony have been replaced with full length sliding glass doors and the balcony has been tiled. The unit has just been painted . There is a kitchen already installed with full cabinets and fume hood.

Same size units from Winland  which are absolutely bare with no balcony tiles, no glass doors, no air con,  and no cabinets on this floor are selling for 2.55 M

The main area is about 9 1/2 feet wide and it runs about  40 feet  from the balcony at one end to the bathroom at the other end.

It is a  rectangle. 

Total area is 40 square meters [ or  approximately 430 square feet  ].   

This unit can easily be changed into a one bedroom unit. Estimated cost is about P20K . that is finished and painted with locking door . 

My price for this unit  is P2,195,00 Pesos . If you have at least 10% down payment I will consider owner financing the  balance for up to 3 years .

sales tax and transfer costs to be split 50-50 between seller and buyer

Contact Ian via PM, at cel 09999907923 or through email [email protected]

Winland Towers is excellently located re banks, hardware store, restaurants  etc.

Winland Towers offers you all these features:
Studio 1, 2, or 3 Bedroom Units
Penthouse Units
2 Level High Speed Elevators
5 Level Carpark
Automatic Fire Detection and Sprinkler System
Provision for 2 PLDT Lines / Unit
Provision for Hot Water Supply
Garbage Chutes
220 Volts Electric Outlets

Winland Towers offers you all these amenities:
Entrance hall with reception counter
Entry Phone System
Tight 24-hour security with controlled entry points
Swimming Pool, jacuzzi, gym, and roof deck garden
Standby Power Generator
Master TV Antenna with provision for cable TV
Individual electric and water meter
Underground and overhead tanks for ample water supply














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Large, great location  priced right :Dand home to other Linc members- could you ask for anything more ??  

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January sale has almost ended !! But dont worry - its only one week until the February sale begins !! 

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