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Seafari Resort Tan Awan Oslob

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We went down so the the grand kids could swim with the whales. My step son made this reservation online at the last minute. We had 11 in our party and this place said they could handle us all.

Who builds a beautiful resort at the bottom of a 300 foot cliff? A cliff that has 250 steep concrete steps that must be negotiated in good weather and bad? A cliff guests and luggage must descend and climb when they come to stay? The owner/manager greeted us at the top and in his welcome was couched the words, "There is a rudimentary lift but it's out of order". Ominous. That plus the fact every guest must sign a full page disclaimer and release of liability before entering the resort should have dissuaded any normal party from staying... but we persevered.

As our party descended the slippery stairs in a light rain that release of liability was in the back of our minds...slip and fall, heart attack, stroke. 

It's not for everyone, but the view from the top and from below is amazing. The staff got our luggage down via a cable, pulley and rope and when we left they carried it all back up. We tipped them handsomely for their service. The resort arranged for private jeepney transportation to and from the whale watching location. The driver also hustled us through the line with minimum effort. We had dinner at the resort, no one wanted to climb the stairs again, the food was OK.

Our rooms were clean, though a couple were stuffy. the AC kept us cool once it was fired up.

I won't complain about the service, and the grounds are unique and beautiful. I liked imagining how it was to nestle those buildings into the site and the problems they had to overcome getting all the materials down or off loaded from a boat. 

It's not cheap, we paid $3000 piso per room, we had 6 double occupancy rooms and that didn't include breakfast. 

The neighbors said the place has been operating about 10 years so they must be making money. 

BUT DAMN, those stairs...

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All they need to build is a deep pool so you just jump down ... Lol

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but what about the the grand kids swimming with the fishies ?  

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A good time was had by all. 

Everyone was hot, tired and worn out from the drive down. But the next day after the whale watching they all agreed it was worth it.

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