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Bob Dylan's new gig: Whiskey entrepreneur

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The bottle: Heaven’s Door whiskey, $50-$80

The back story: When you think Bob Dylan, you think rock ‘n’ roll icon. You think voice of a generation. You think Nobel laureate.

But do you think booze businessman?

Yes, the free spirit of the music world has gone into the spirits industry. Dylan has partnered with liquor entrepreneur Marc Bushala on Heaven’s Door, billed as a “a collection of super-premium craft American whiskeys.” (If you don’t recognize the brand name, it comes from a line from a Dylan song, as in “Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door.”)

In a statement, Dylan said he and Bushala “wanted to create a collection of American whiskeys that, in their own way, tell a story. I’ve been traveling for decades and I’ve been able to try some of the best spirits that the world of whiskey has to offer. This is great whiskey.”

Obviously, having Dylan’s name behind the brand doesn’t hurt: The brand says the first release of three different whiskeys has sold out, though you may be able to find a bottle or two out there — a good thing to keep in mind if you’re still shopping for Father’s Day and have a Dylan-obsessed and/or whiskey-obsessed dad.

The brand says more is coming and it has plans to open its own distillery in 2019.

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What we think about it: We are often skeptical of celebrity branded-wines and spirits — and for good reason: Many of them use an artist’s fame to get unsuspecting folks to buy lesser-quality liquid.

But in this case, the stuff in the bottle is thoroughly legit. We’re talking quality American whiskey, albeit at a somewhat elevated price. Of the three initial releases, we’re partial to the straight rye, which is aged in toasted oak barrels that have been “air-dried in the low-lying mountain region of Vosges, France,” according to the brand.

That fancy-schmanciness aside, it’s a muscular drink with some inviting chocolate-y notes. The other two solid offerings are a Tennessee bourbon and a Double Barrel Whiskey (a blend of three different whiskeys).

How to enjoy it: These are sipping whiskeys, best accompanied with maybe a cube of ice or two or a splash of water. A little Dylan in the background wouldn’t hurt, either.

SodaStream turns water into wine SodaStream has a new product that turns water into wine.



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