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Pharmaceutical stocks

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24 minutes ago, rfm010 said:

Nektar not so shocking given the huge run it has had, up over 500% in one year.  They let expectations based on early data run far too high, the deal wth BMY help reinforce those expectations, and so when they presented new data that was pretty good, first response was pretty good isnt good enough.  I never owned it but I think in the 50s its likely a good buy.  If oncology data mainains as good as the recent results it will be an easy triple inside 2 years.  I also think the pain med, which should get approval (but its an opioid so who knows?), will add a good bit of value.  Up 5% yesterday, down premarket, i expect to take an initial position today.  Could be some volatility along the way but dips will be for buying.

BGNE?  Was also up 5-fold in one year so it was easy to lose some steam but i still dont see what happened, seems some big holder wasnt happy and took their ball and went home.  Problem with the company/pipeline?  Or a reaction to potential chinese trade problems?  I dont like not knowing so i took my ball out and that is what is going into nektar.   I expect BGNE will continue to do well but i'm just too leery of chinese related stuff right now.

Thanks! will keep nektar. Been a few days, still no information regarding Beigene's recent drop. My bet is on their future market in China, looks like a monopoly situation and in a key industry to current government policy.

How about Abbvie? I'm growing worried of their Humira patents. No other big pharma makers can keep stock rising by existing drugs, and their new drugs are not coming yet. wondering if I should move that part too to medical devices.

BTW why is oncology so highly valued? All the high-growth ones are oncology: G1 Therapeutics, Sierra Oncology, etc? Is there a chance the entire oncology treatment market is overvalued? I also hold some of stem cell ones but their market values are pathetically low now compared to a few years ago, when PSTI was worth several hundreds.

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