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Tommy Hunt....Godspeed our friend

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Laze Songcuya

To Everyone Involved, Earlier today we learned that Mr. Thomas J. Hunt passed...


12:51 AM (5 hours ago)

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12:51 AM (5 hours ago)

Laze Songcuya

to Elmer, Tom, C, Glenn, keith, jneth, Albert, foradventures, Ted, Jill, Mike, me


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To Everyone Involved,


Earlier today we learned that Mr. Thomas J. Hunt passed away about 11PM PI time. We would like to take this opportunity to thanks each and everyone involved in assisting Mr. Thomas J. Hunt during his time of need.


It is now the time for all involved to greive and put past events behind us and let the healing proccess begin.


Again we'd like to thank you for all your assistance.


I will be contacting the Oversea's Citizens Services on Monday 27, APR. 09 to coordinate assistance with bring the body home. I will also be calling Ted Hammon today so that he and Janelaze can decide where they would like Mr. Hunt to be buried.


Thank you,

Albert Dermott

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Tommy can you hear me. Tommy can you see me. Tommy. Tommy. Maybe you all can name the rescue package after him. The Thomas J. Hunt Fund. He looked like a gonner in that last photo Daisy.


Wow. Tommy went against the grain. He did it his way to the end. I'm sure he as no regrets.

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It is very sad that Tommy Hunt died just as he was about to receive help from the Veterans' Administration.


I hope that Mrs Hunt and his step-son Ted Hammon appreciate all that was done for him and most especially by Daisy and Alan Cline, by Tommy's inlaws in CDO and all those who selflessly contributed their time, money and blood to help him.


I personally don't think it would be appropriate to dedicate the Expats' Fund in his name; in any case, permission would be needed from his next-of-kin and this might not be forthcoming.





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