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Phishing Email BPI

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1041373062_ScreenShot2018-06-04at13_28_06.thumb.png.062960c12e485cfa03e7bf929ed2eba0.pngI am sure most of you are able to spot these dangerous email, but this one slipped through my email filter system so maybe a bit more sophisticated than others.

This is the reply from BPI

Dear Mr. ***********:

Greetings from BPI Express Online!

Kindly be advised that the e-mail you received did not come from BPI. We
are aware of recent incidents where phishing e-mails are sent to trick
individuals into revealing personal and financial information. Rest assured
that the concerned unit has already taken action regarding this matter and
these malicious websites/e-mails are being monitored for proper action.

Please note that BPI will not collect confidential account information
(e.g. credit card details and login credentials) via embedded forms and
e-mail links.

May we kindly request that you forward the original e-mail with clickable
links intact so we can report the site.

 If you need further assistance or have other concerns, please do not
 hesitate to send us another e-mail.

 Thank you for choosing to bank with us online!

 Rosanna de Guzman
 BPI E-mailbanking Team
 E-mail address: ex[email protected]

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If you suspect a phishing e-mail, hoover the cursor over the link provided (do NOT press the mouse button)

on the lower left you will see where you will be taken if you press the mouse button (That is for Chrome browser I  guess it is the same for most browsers)

try hoover the cursor over the e-mail address in post above you will see

if what is shown has nothing to do with what you expect, be warned

You can hoover the cursor over any link and see where you will be taken if you press the mouse

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