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Custom's Fees on Balikbayan Boxes?

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53 minutes ago, JamesMusslewhite said:

True, we shipped 42 at once and was the talk of the community...

With the current focus on BBBoxes that could be dangerous.  I've sent as many as 7 and I kind of regretted sending the 7 all at once after I sent them.  But they all arrived fine.  Latest irregular shipment was 3 boxes and a crate.  The crate was about 6' X 4' X 2'.

The only time I've had box damage was when I didn't fill it tight enough inside because of clothes or something.  The more they are stuffed the better they will survive on the bottom of a stack of boxes.

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5 boxes using LBC last month and none opened. Also, even with the new rules, my wife continues to mark every shipping sheet "Household Goods" only with no breakdown of contents.

Sent 26 Balakbyan boxes when we moved her in 2016. Nothing was opened, nothing missing. Even had a double box tapped together with 3 flat screen TVs inside. Came through like a champ! One glass v

In 25 years, we have never had a box opened nor have we ever had to pay customs fees. One thing that I would suggest, is that you use a prominent shipper. Now I have no information that it makes a dif

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I have shipped balikbayan boxes from Chicago for over seven years.  Only had one inspected.  It had a sealed quart freezer bag of Marigold seeds and US Customs cut open the side of the box to inspect them.  Other than that one occurrence, have never had a problem with shipping boxes.  And yes, you need to pack them tight and I reinforce them with duct tape on all sides.

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