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Low lying water - Sump Drain ?

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On 5/30/2018 at 1:54 PM, lopburi3 said:

Am sure locals are used to using water/hose level there - just get clear plastic hose and fill with water - other end will be at exactly the same elevation so if ground lower will drain.  Builders used this method before lazers took over and still works fine.  

Image result for hose water level

I've got another way to do it ... I bought a laser level last year (planning to do some work on the ceiling... ) as long as I have a clear line of sight I can pop out when it's dark and mark off some reference points with masking tape or something and then read off the heights and calculate my run off that way.

I'm only looking at 30 meters maximum distance so according to my calculations (as I've now read up on this) a 45cm decrease in height will give me a 1.5% slope. 


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