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School Fees

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Bob in Iligan

The Philippine constitution prohibits any kind of fee for public school.   But there are all kinds of fees.   Just the uniforms and school supplies are fees, if you don't have them in our district, you can't come.

But there are two other kinds of "project" fees, some the school collects directly and others the kids have to supply themselves.   Like if they make you do a fool thing that requires hard stock backing, frames, copying, printing, ribbons and glitter, blah blah.   If you don't do the projects, you can't matriculate.  So in my view this is a whole lot of charges that keep the poorest out of the schools in contradiction to the constitution.   Even a 7 peso one-way ride for a family of 4 kids that's 56 pesos a day just in Jeepney on 300 pesos a day of primary breadwinner income.  That's almost 20% of daily income, just transportation to school.  

So let's not get too sanctimonious about how lazy some of these kids are.  To be sure, you have gangs and professional beggars.   But you have the poorest facing fees they can't pay too.   Truth is, the public schools aren't worth going to for the most part.   Don't send your kids to them.  

Nevertheless, I tell the kids that I will pay for work.  Funny that pretty much ends all interest in money.  

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