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Oven baked Lapu-lapu


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Buy fresh fish at the supermarket/wet market, about 600 grams each. Make sure the gills are red and the eyes not faded. Make the staff rins and clean the fish, and remove the shells - you don't want to eat them.


Cover a deep pan with aluminium foil. Slice some potatoes and carrots in not too chunky pieces, we want them to be soft after cooking. Chunky pieces of spring onion or other veggies you like and put in the bottom. You may also add some garlic cloves as well. Chop them in two and their flavor will mix with the fish, and they'll be fine to eat whole when they're cooked. Add some salt and pepper, and a good splash of olive oil over.


Cut a few stripes on each side of the fish, then place them on top of the veggies. Open a can of tomatoes and make a salsa with chopped garlic, olive oil, salt, chili, pepper, all the spices you like. Spread the salsa over the fish, turn them and repeat. Put some alu foil over and tuck the sides together.


Heat the oven about 220 Celsius, in with the deep pan. Now place some alu foil over the rist, and place some aspargus on it. Then watch a pirated episode of Simpson's without commercials. Remove the pan from the oven, and put the rist with the aspargus inside. Absolutely nothing wrong to put some shredded parmesan over. About one minute should do.




Walk on,


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Bob Ward

There is a spice mix sold here in the common McCormick seasoning area of most all supermarkets called Barbecue Seasoning in the standard green bottle. It's pretty good on fish, especially when cooked on the grill.

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