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Smoker Grill

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I love to cook on a grill and sometimes a smoker. This is one of the things I've been missing since moving to the Philippines as their grilling style is meat on wooden sticks 2 inches from hot coals. Not that that is bad but I also like a juicy grilled or smoked piece of meat. That takes time as you cook at low temp..."Low and Slow"

I have been using a kettle style grill, 20 inch, that I bought from Ace for about 2000 pesos. Have been through 2 of these in as many years. It's a good grill but it's small and works best with Briquettes which are hard to find and expensive when you do. The advantage to briquettes are that they keep a constant heat whereas the local charcoal, (Oling), burns ridiculously fast and hot.

Over the past 2 years multiple locals, family and friends, have enjoyed our grilling and when I talked about a 50 gallon drum grill they all said "oh yeah...I can build that for you". Well, I got tired of waiting...all talk no grill !!!

A few weeks ago I found a "US style" Smoker Grill on Lazada for 8570 pesos. That's a little over $160 US. If I bought this same style grill from the US at Lowes or one of the big box stores it would be $200-$300. I've been cooking on it for 2 weeks now and am very happy with it so thought I'd do a review.

All that being said...It is still manufactured in China and has some common Chinese shortcuts to be aware of.



The name on the grill is Fordeary and again, Chinese made. So let me get to the downsides first...

1) Packaging leaves a lot to be desired and while most everything made the trip in good shape I had one leg that was dented and I needed to hammer it open.


2) the parts were all there except for one long bolt and I had one short belt too many. The parts package had a really handy diagram on the back identifying all the parts...unfortunately it was glued onto the back of the parts package upside down so it became a little tedious when digging for the next part.


3) The paint was not heat resistant to high temperature. Not a horrible thing but you need to make sure to burn it in, (season), the grill before cooking.

4) the built in thermometer is not accurate/functioning

All that being reported, it took about an hour and a half to put together and another hour to season the grill. If you don't have basic tools, mechanical reasoning  and a few extra nuts and bolts I would not suggest this grill as it is not "simple". However, the step by step directions were very accurate and friendly.

The grilling racks are porcelain coated and very nice. Full racks for both sides as well as holding your fuel. Fuel rack on the big drum is adjustable so you can bring the heat close or far from the cooking surface 

The grill itself is made from heavy steel so it feels like it should hold up well.

Three ways to cook...utilize the firebox on the side as a small grill, utilize the big drum for feast grilling or use the firebox on the side to heat the big drum for Low and Slow cooking/smoking.

All in all I'm pretty happy with this and would recommend it if you are looking for this type or grill.





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Thanks - looks a decent enough local option - I miss mine I had to leave behind, I think it was a recycled Abrams going by the weight.

One of the many reasons I can't wait to leave city apartment living for a place with a back yard is so I can smoke again.

Right now I get the smoke from under my building most days .... cardboard, plastic and rubber aromas  :thumbs_down:-  I'd prefer hickory or maple infused with Jim Beam again :thumbs_up: 


hmmm but for now, I saw some smoke gun thing last night getting used on Masterchef - probably been around for yearsbut I just saw them smoking potatoes and ice cream after cooking and making - time to see if Alibaba/Lazada has them .... they are on Amazon from US$29-100

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I forgot to mention the charcoal here works fine in a unit like this and you can also use the bundled wood for sale on the side of the road.

2 hours ago, GBT62 said:

I can't wait to leave city apartment living for a place with a back yard is so I can smoke again.

I usually cook at the mouth of the driveway. On the kettle grill kids and neighbors would come by and look and sometimes even stare at what I'm cooking...often makes me feel bad as some may be going hungry for dinner.

With this rig the grill is not visible from the street so when they ask what are you cooking I tell them cat!

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