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Jack Rat
3 minutes ago, Kabisay-an gid said:


Actually, the American WAS involved in an incident in a bar while drinking alone, and was followed and murdered outside the bar when he attempted to leave.

However, I couldn't care less if it was at a bar or not. I have no idea how you got the mistaken idea that I think expats shouldn't go to bars. 

Go to a bar every bloody day and night if you wish, I couldn't care less. But I stand by my SUGGESTIONS not to go to bars alone, and choose bars with a respectable clientele. 

If you disagree with my SUGGESTIONS, great! Ignore them! The American in Silay chose to drink alone in a bar of questionable repute, and we see what happened to him.

I understand he called to pick up some beer to take home with him. Conflicting stories....One of the perpetrators has been released. Seemingly the older guy who did the shooting is still being held.in jail. 

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I have a black belt and have never encountered a problem. Come to think of it I have brown belt too. I use to have a maroon belt but I lost it somewhere. If anyone found a strange maroon belt unde

But what if someone's belt or pants are too tight and they can't readily reach into their sock...

Riding a Jeepney or walking in Colon is no rieskier than doing such things anywhere else in the world. 98% of mankind is nice and friendly - the 2% stupids you meet everywhere.

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Call me a WOOS ( Australian slang word for weak and girly) If you like but i guess i am what i am.

Growing up in London and migrating to Australia in my 20 s violent acts have been very low on my list of activities and in fact up until i was invited to attend a Philippine funeral i hadn't seen a dead body. TRUE...

Yes, the Philippines is different, but would i have the BALLS To to take on anyone and win (apart from pepper spray I JUST DON'T KNOW.

Our American members that have experienced a society awash with firearms where security becomes a another level may well have differing opinions, AND THAT'S FINE. Sometimes i wish i was 6ft 7 and and have been a Marine,but i haven't so i must do as i see fit and be comfortable with.

I would have no hope in hell carrying one of those letter knife devices and if i did what would be the consequences.
DOA and jail for me..

Due to this topic I've watch hours of YouTube in regard to self defense including senior self defence but, i guess without practice in a gym environment i would be too slow in reaction time

But would i have a go., Yes, I can verbally stand up for myself and I wont be bullied, But anything further than that.? .

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Mods let’s close this topic, thanks.

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6 hours ago, soupeod said:

Mods let’s close this topic, thanks.

Lets not!

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This topic is now closed at the request of OP.

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