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Peso US dollar rate for today

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The Bangko Sentral Raise the prime rate so guess that why the peso went down so fast hope it last till Tues, so HSBC has a chance to set there rate on there ATM machines ,as Monday is a Holiday again .

1 USD =52.4154PHP

US Dollar1 USD = 52.4154 PHP
Philippine Piso1 PHP = 0.0190784 USD

2018-05-11 20:59 UTCAll figures are based on live mid-market rates. These rates are not available to consumer clients.Set up a Rate Alert


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Assuming you mean withdrawing money out of the atm from a foreign account? Doesn't your home bank set the rate? So it should be at the spot rate now?

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No the day  i withdraw i get the rate HSBC is giving that day are weekend is the rate since Monday is a holiday and the don't set a new rate on the weekend the new rate will be what ever they set Tuesday ,from what i understand i am doing dollars from my American acct on that day i get the rate HSBC is giving that day, But not sure where they get the rate from but most money changers get from some where, so i guess they get from the same place. Some say Metro Bank sets the new rate at 10.30 AM each work day not sure. But i know HSBC is close to the money changer rate maybe 10 to20 centavos less . From checking my figures each time. The other day i bought dollars at Metro on a promo rate 51.75 just missed the 51.65 rate but will sell it if it goes near 52.55 or so. Then wait the for the next US Fed move and the next PH Bankgo Central  rate move but it still a gamble but you can make a few peso usually . So you can buy breakfast at the Quest Hotel a few times. heeeee

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