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183 Phl Beaches To Sun, Swim & Surf During Boracay Closure

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As the island of Boracay, one of the Philippines leading beach destinations is shutdown for 6-months, lo and behold there are still more than 180 beautiful beaches across this 7100 island archipelago offering pristine shores and clear waters that tourists may find just as enticing.

The closure of the popular island until October may just be an opportunity to explore these other destinations across the country. Here’s the list provided for the Department of Tourism:

1. Batan Island

2. Balut Island

3. Tamaraw Beach

4. Higatangan Island

5. Malapascua Island

6. Bauang Beach

7. Borawan Island

8. Animasola Island

9. Bagasbas Beach

10. Tinago Island

11. Rizal Beach

12. Daluyon Beach

13. Puraran Beach

14. Puyangi Beach

15. Britania Island

16. Agohoy Beach

17. Dungaree Beach

18. Agwawan Beach

19. Doot Beach

20. Pascador Island

21. Fortune Island

22. Puerto Azul Beach

23. Buho Rock Beach

24. Tolong Gapo Beach

25. Tinalisayan Islets

26. Libanon Beach

27. Dancalan Beach

28. Twin Rock Beach

29. Lugutan Beach

30. Aninuan Beach

31. Dinadiawan Beach

32. Malwayuyo Beach

33. Corong Corong Beach

34. La Paz Beach

35. Dinosaur Island

36. Amparo Beach

37. Banol Beach

38. Pasacao Beach

39. Baybay Beach

40. Lukod Beach

41. Talisay Beach

42. Badiangon Beach

43. Apuao Grande Island

44. Sabtang Beach

45. Maravillosa Beach

46. Binucot Beach

47. Capitancillo Island

48. La Luz Beach

49. Nagsasa Cove

50. Paradise Beach

51. London Beach

52. Kansilad Beach

53. Canuba Beach

54. Mabua Beach

55. Corregidor Island

56. Vinapor Beach

57. Agho Island

58. Manadi Island

59. Star Beach

60. Bakhaw Beach

61. Borromeo Beach

62. Palilan Beach

63. Basdaku Beach

64. Anawangin Cove

65. Mattel Beach

66. San Salvador Island

67. Dahican Beach

68. Tablas Island

69. Mayo Beach

70. Bulog Island

71. Dicotcotan Beach

72. Valugan Beach

73. Matukad Beach

74. Dampalitan Beach

75. Tondaligan Beach

76. Surip Beach

77. Duyong Beach

78. Kaputian Beach

79. Sabang Beach

80. Potipot Island

81. Culebra Island

82. Dilumacad Island

83. Manicani Island

84. Agta Beach

85. Candol Beach

86. Dinagat Islands

87. Masasa Beach

88. Sibang Cove

89. Maribago Beach

90. Punta Bunga Beach

91. Sunrise Beach

92. Dawis Beach

93. Pebble Beach

94. Santa Fe Beach

95. Magalawa Island

96. Snake Island

97. Burot Beach

98. Dumaluan Beach

99. Katican Island

100. Sagisi Island

101. Silago Beach

102. Alona Beach

103. Olotayan Island

104. Bermuda Beach

105. Sugar Beach

106. Momo Beach

107. Montemar Beach

108. Poral Beach

109. Sisiman Beach

110. Matinloc Island

111. Sombrero Island

112. Tuka Beach

113. Aroma Beach

114. Lio Beach

115. Jawili Beach

116. Panampangan Beach

117. Nalusuan Island

118. Bonbon Beach

119. Tatlong Pulo Island

120. White Beach

121. San Fabian Beach

122. Bagatao Island

123. Pannzian Beach

124. Canigao Island

125. Matabungkay Beach

126. Quinale Beach

127. Simizu Island

128. Malalison Island

129. Diniog Beach

130. Alegria Beach

131. Crocodile Island

132. Tambobong Beach

133. Saud Beach

134. Guyam Island

135. Pacifico Beach

136. Camiguin Island

137. Lakawon Island

138. Katungkulan Beach

139. Kalanggaman Island

140. Cagbalete Island

141. Ipil Beach

142. Secret Lagoon Beach

143. Kagusuan Beach

144. Cogon Beach

145. Marimegmeg Beach

146. Vaño Beach

147. Tondol Beach

148. Anguib Beach

149. Magpupungko Beach

150. Sambawan Island

151. Malcapuya Island

152. Marikaban Beach

153. Puting Buhangin Island

154. Las Cabanas Beach

155. Said Beach

156. Naked Island

157. Tingko Beach

158. Atwayan Beach

159. Virgin Island

160. Cemento Beach

161. Digisit Beach

162. Digyo Island

163. Patar Beach

164. Dako Island

165. Playa Laiya Beach

166. Tikling Beach

167. Olot Beach

168. Bonuan Blue Beach

169. Sumilon Island

170. Looc Beach

170. Talipanan Beach

172. Nacpan Beach

173. Peter Beach

174. Kuwebang Lampas

175. Palaui Island

176. Panndanon Island

177. Lahos Island

178. Ocamocam Beach

179. Salibungot Beach

180. Salagdoong Beach

181. Caohagan Island

182. Limawasa Island

183. Paniman Beach


I know there's not individual info on these islands but it's a nice starting place for planning and Googling

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I got through the 1st 3 then realized I had never been to Boracay, no replacement needed.

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I don't see Sicogon Island or Isla Gigantes on the list.

We just spent the past week going to those and I even brought my motorcycle on a boat to Sicogon. It was kind of hilarious watching them try to load and unload the thing.

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50 minutes ago, lolhahaha said:

I don't see Sicogon Island or Isla Gigantes on the list.

We just spent the past week going to those and I even brought my motorcycle on a boat to Sicogon. It was kind of hilarious watching them try to load and unload the thing.

All not mentioned are covered by 120. White Beach.

Or 184 Black Beach, 185 Grey Beach and 186 Pebbles Beach which will be included in Ver. 2.0

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Any list showing suggested beaches has to have the source carefully considered.  I suspect a lot of the lists are created by the Department of Tourism, which has a bureaucracy which my end up excluding some resorts.  I’ve been to several white sand beaches which had no resort or facilities.  It was bring your own lunch sort of trip.  Not a DOT approved beach.

Even some of the beach resorts along the national highway in western Leyte are definitely not ideal as a resort.  There may be a place to buy some refreshments nearby, there is a beach, but basically it is just a series of bamboo shacks typically used for a birthday gathering or such.  The beach is dirty and the water almost certainly filthy. 

The more popular resorts in my area are the fresh water resorts, which are near a beach, but use fresh water in pools rather than the rocky and dirty beach.

Some of my family attend school in Visayas state university which has its own beach.  I used to walk along the beach as a morning exercise routine.  One area I had to walk around was where the raw sewage from the campus was drained into the sea.  However, the beach is bragged about by the university. 

The most pleasant beach resorts I’ve experienced have always been on smaller islands a short banca ride away and had no permanent residents on the island. Basically a few caretakers who also had homes on the larger island, Leyte. 

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