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Mactan elementary schools 2018

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Has anyone experience or comments about elementary schools on Mactan island?

I am looking for advice when is the best time to transition my English speaking Canadian 9 year old boy grade 4 into full-time school in the Philippines Mactan when we move there.

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24 minutes ago, dgd said:

Has anyone experience or comments about elementary schools on Mactan island?

I am looking for advice when is the best time to transition my English speaking Canadian 9 year old boy grade 4 into full-time school in the Philippines Mactan when we move there.

Hi DGD. I really really hate to be negative..But ,  I would say just DONT.     I did that to my son at grade 4  he was  9 AND it really didn't turn out well.   Even the best schools in Mactan teach with rote memorization,  have lots of non sense down time with dances recitals and and PE is a farce where the kids wear their PE uniforms one day a week to satisfy DepEd requirements.   Please reconsider your options.    We finally opted for HOme Schooling after grade 9.. and that worked out pretty good.   YOu might consider moving to CEBU to put your son in some of the better more progressive schools.  

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The better schools in the Cebu Metro Area will test your child for readiness rather than just relying on the child's grade level from his previous school. Don't be surprised if your child tests at a different level than he was at in your old location. The schools here are quite different than those you are used to. Some are quite advanced My daughter learned things in 1st grade that I never saw until 3rd or 4th grade (and many things that I was never even exposed to in school). Other schools aren't nearly as advanced, so you have to choose well. Don't just fall for the first school you visit. You will seldom learn enough about a school in one visit to make an educated decision, and very few schools will allow you to look in on classrooms in action.

Truthfully, it is better to find a school that will fit your child, and then find a home nearby than it is to find a home and then try to fit your child into a school. From your question, though, it sounds like you have found a home first. Schools here run the gamut from ultra-academic to just so-so, from very religion-centered to little religious emphasis at all (those are harder to find). Some schools spend way to much time on entertainment (it's a Filipino thing to emphasize song and dance), and others shy away from too many programs and lean more heavily on academic and physical fitness.

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You also might want to consider all the endless holidays of NO school they have here...something I would have loved when I was a dumb kid.

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If it’s any comfort, not all public schools are horrible.  My children did go to a "private" school, but it was not as good as the nearby public school in many ways.  We opted to remain in the school, which was a Laboratory High School of a nearby university.  In reality, it was just a convenience for the employees of the university.

The public schools often have resources such as computers that private schools are unwilling or unable to provide.

If you search the LinC archives, there ar many discusssions about this, including Mactan specifically.  

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  • Administrator
Salty Dog

As is the usual, a new member ask a serious question. Half the responses say yes/good and half say no/bad or something to that effect and most of it has nothing to say about what the OP wanted to know. 

Another few members tell an anecdotal story of where they live which is in no way helpful to the OP because they live in a different city, province sometimes hundreds of kilometers away or even in a different country. 

How about if you don't have any personal knowledge about schools in Mactan, that you say nothing and let those who do, post. 

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My apologies to the OP if the comments were off target.  Some of the usual comments that are generated in threads about education are as written above.  My intentions were to give the OP some opinion about public schools in general, much like what was done by other posters.  I have several family members who are DEPED teachers, in public schools.  They have shared wth me much.  It is pretty common for public schools to get a bad comment because of the comparisons to private or non Filipino schools.  

My motives were to be sincerely helpful and e courage the new member to consider public schools as well as private.  Sorry if this is offending to any members.

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What district are you in ? http://depedlapulapu.net.ph/index.php/schools



District 1

Pta. Engano Elementary School
Pta. Engano  High School
Mactan  Elementary School
Mactan  National High School
Soong Elemeentary School
Angels Fun Academy of Mactan, Inc.
EMD Carmelite East
EMD Carmelite Main
Holy Kids Academy 2014, Inc.
Jamaica Sabrina Learning Center, Inc.
Lukegospel Christian School Inc.
Mactan Christian Learning Center
St. Joseph School of Mactan
(4th Watch) Maranatha Chtistian School of Lapu-Lapu City
Sto. Nino Mactan Montesorri School, Inc.
Pope Benedict 16th Learning Center


District 2

Bankal Elementary School
Bankal National High School
Bankal Night High School
Buaya Elementary School
Ibo Elementary School
Pasay City North
Absadithe Montessori School
Mt. Sinai Kids Academy
Saint Vincent Academy of Lapu-Lapu City



Pusok Elementary School
Pusok High School 
Pusok Night High School
Pajo Elementary School
Pajo High School 
Pajo Night High School
Advance Institute of Technology
Asian Learning Center
Children's Center of Multiple Intelligence Dev.
Duyan Childcare Center Cebu, Inc.
Mactan Institute of Science and Technology
Yellow Kids Center for Early Childhood & Talent Development Inc.
The 3As & Mary High Knowledge Learning Center
Son Shine Kids International, Inc.
Solid Rock Christian Academy


District 4

Subabasbas Elementary School
Agus Elementary School
Abuno Elementary School
Maribago Elementary School
Pajac Elementary School
Buyong ES
Bagong Silang Elementary School
Abuno High School
Maribago High School
Regent Pacific College (Agus)
St. Pio of Pietreicia Learning School, Inc. (Agus)
Larmen De Guia Memorial College, Inc. (Agus)
Cebu Kiddie (Pajac)
Einstein School for Kids (Pajac)
Holy Infant School Montessori (Pajac)
Asian Learning Center (Pajac)
Rizwoods Colleges (Buyong)


District 5

Marigondon Elementary School
Marigondon National High School
Adler Child Development Center Inc. (Marigondon)
Franzine Learning Center, Inc. (Marigondon)
Cebu Christian Institute International (Subabasbas)
Nissi Academy (Subapanas)
St. Gabrielle Academy of Lapu-Lapu, Inc. (Marigondon)
Solomon Institute of Transformation, Inc.


District 6

Gun-ob Elementary School
Basak Elementary School
STEC Elementary School
Sudtonggan Elementary School
Suba Masulog Elementary School
STEC High School
Sudtonggan Night High School Extension
Basak Night High School Extension
Adamson Christian Academy Inc. (Sudtonggan)
Arise Christian Academy (Gun-ob)
BECCA (Basak)
Benthel Asia School (Sudtonggan)
Beulah Land Christian Academy of LLC, Inc. (Sudtonggan)
Blossoms Montessori Institute (Sudtonggan)
CCL Centrex (Gun-ob)
Divine Angels Academy de Cebu (Basak)
Green Garden Christian School of Cebu, Inc. (Gun-ob)
Indiana Learning Center (Basak)
John M. Hyland Institute of Learning (Sudtonggan)
Kiddy House Academy (Sudtonggan)
Mactan Cebu Institute of Teachnology (Basak)
Navales Christian Academy (Gun-ob)
Proverbs Ville Academy (Gun-ob)
Purpose Driven Montessori School (Suba Masulog)
Royal Child Academy of Mactan, Inc. (Sudtonggan)
Saint Augustine International School (Basak)
St. Isaac Joques Montessori School (Gun-ob)


District 7

Lapu-Lapu City Central Elem. School
Poblacion Elementary School
Poblacion Night High School
Look Elementary School
Look National High School
Canjulao Elementary School
Tiangue Elementary School
Timpolok Elementary School
Asian Learning Center
Childworks Learning Center
Eastern Christian School
Eskinang Pambata Learning Center, Inc.
Nancy Berame Childcare Center Inc.
Opon Kindergarten and Nursery School
Royal Child Academy of Mactan, Inc.
San Lorenzo Ruiz School
Saint Alphosus catholic School
St. Andrew School-DOBAF
St. Mary's Institute of Learning


District 8

Babag I Elem. School
Babag II Elem. School
Babag National High School
Babag Night High School
Kalawisan Elementary School
Academia Hespera
Destiny Christian Learning Center
Bethel Kiddie Devt't Learning Center
Brentwood Dexans School Inc.
Good Samaritan School Foundation, Inc.
Marie Ernestine School
Saint dominic de savio Learning Center
Saint Ignatius Child Dev't Center Inc.
Stephanie Montesorri Educational Center
Thrice Admirable Children Learning Center


District 9

Sta. Rosa Elementary School
Sta. Rosa National High School School
Sabang Elem. School
Suba Elem. School
Poo Elementary School
Pangan-an Elem. School
Pangan-an High School
Caohagan Elementary School


District 10

Baring Elementary School
Tungasan Elementary School
Tingo Elementary School
Candagsao Elementary School
Caw-oy Elementary School
Talima Elementary School
Caubian Elementary School/FFMMES
Caubian High  School/FFMMHS
Nemesio Epifania Taneo Memorial High School
ARISE (Brgy. Caw-oy)
ZION (Brgy. Tungasan)
St. Dominic Savio Open High School
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District 9 and 10 are on Olango Island (not on Mactan at all).

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34 minutes ago, Headshot said:

District 9 and 10 are on Olango Island (not on Mactan at all).

I just copied and pasted the whole page Bill ..but thanks , we wouldn't want folks putting their kids on a boat in the wrong direction....:lol:

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7 minutes ago, oztony said:

I just copied and pasted the whole page Bill ..but thanks , we wouldn't want folks putting their kids on a boat in the wrong direction....:lol:

I figured as much. I just thought it would be good to clarify that.

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20 hours ago, dgd said:

I am looking for advice when is the best time to transition my English speaking Canadian 9 year old boy grade 4 into full-time school in the Philippines Mactan when we move there

I have no knowledge of specific schools in Mactan, but, despite @Salty Dog 's advice, I will comment anyway. I do have knowledge of both Canadian and Philippines schooling by putting 7 kids through school - 2 in Canada and 5 in the Philippines and I went to multiple schools in different places myself.

  1. The 2 academic years do not align. Sep - Jul for Canada, Jun - Mar for Philippines. In my opinion, it is best to start a new school at the beginning of the academic year. For Philippines schools, this really means you need to be around by April at the latest and know the testing/enrollment schedule of the intended school (which seems to happen in late April early May). The fact that your son will not complete a full year in the Canadian system should not present a problem - if the plan is that his education will be completed in the Philippines
  2. In terms of which Grade to start your son in, I don't think it matters - except, if you are committed to living in the Philippines soon, then the sooner the better. The more time your son has in the Philippines education system, the more chance he will have to adapt to the (already mentioned) differences. If he turns out to be ahead of his age group after testing, enrol him in the higher grade. No harm in getting things done a year earlier. One of the Filipino kids I have in school is ahead by at least one year. It's working out fine
  3. Language. You have said that your son is Canadian English speaking. Despite anything a Philippine school might say, a lot of what will happen, in the class or outside of it, will happen in Cebuano or Filipino (Tagalog). Depending on the particular school (private or otherwise), the teachers may, or may not, have a good command of English. At 9 years old, your son should be able to adapt fairly quickly. At that age, he is unlikely to lose his command of English and, if not already, will likely end up bi- or tri-lingual. If he's not coming top, or near, in English class, he's not trying! :) He is also likely to gain a passable Filipino accent. From a language perspective, the sooner the transition occurs, the better
  4. Emphasis. As already mentioned by others, there is a distinct emphasis on non-academic activities. This will likely be quite different to your son's Canadian experience thus far - but, to be honest, it's not a problem. He will still be learning new things and at his age, scope is probably preferable to depth except in the basics (readin', ritin' and rithmetic)
  5. Religion. If you look at the very extensive list of schools above, a lot of the schools have some reference to religion in their names. In Canada, except in the separate schools - which I sometimes think are less separate than it sounds - this aspect of a child's early education mostly happens within a church community or doesn't happen at all if a child wants to be in house league hockey etc. If you, as a family, are likely to be (spiritually) close to a particular church, and they have a well regarded associated school, that might colour your choice of school. You're going to end up spending a lot of time (and donations) at (to) that church anyway!

I hope your son sees this as a great adventure. I always did when changing to a school someplace a long ways different. Even so, it can be a bit nerve wracking. Good luck to you and your son.

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I'm going to Chime in again..and say WE have  been there done that.  My daughter now 21 ...still beats me up when we start talking about her education...Why on earth did I pull them out of one the most progressive well funded  and racially diverse school districts in Texas with plentiful resources and stick her in an underfunded private school in Mactan.   WELL after a lot of soul searching  I have to admit it was big mistake  and I wish we had taken  a different path.   My son was not speaking the language was often the butt of bullies jokes and harassment.   He witnessed the young study hall teacher  being told to "feck OFF"  by an arrogant Korean kid  who was never disciplined even though several students witnessed the account and saw the teacher in tears.   Classes were a Zoo  and  drugs were a problem in the  high school.      In the  US elementary ranks he was always a top student. tested in the 90th percentiles on every TAKS (texas achievement ..)   But in Mactan he bacame so Bored with the method of instruction...and lack of classroom discipline.    In two years  he ws at the bottom of his class..underachieving and totally zoned out.     WE finally pulled him out and let him self study where he excelled.    


So just do your research. Ask hard questions. and if possible make unplanned visits to the school during the school year and see how the classes are disciplined.    Yes I think only a FEW private school here pay well and keep good teachers ..most private schools are training grounds for new teachers coming online who are  seeking advancement to public schools where pay and retirement benefits are included. 

Be aware of the culural adjustments your son will face converting to school in mactan.   To my fault at the time we transitioned here I was busy with my new job and flying out the country every other week.  it was hard to really stay with him and my daughter and make necessary changes.    We stayed with the school too long and should have sought better education for them sooner.    

live and learn.    PM me and I will tell you the schools we experienced. 



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8 hours ago, samatm said:

most private schools are training grounds for new teachers coming online who are  seeking advancement to public schools where pay and retirement benefits are included

Hear hear.


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