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Many ways to steal titled land

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Perhaps I should have said many ways to obtain a 'title'


Not sure which side in this dispute is 'morally' correct. I have seen a case where one of the nicest resorts in Moalboal was 'stolen' by means of some trumped up loans and a crooked judge to award the title. Maybe that is what happened in 1986 and maybe it was a legit settlement. On the otherhand the action in 2004 to void the 1986 title and create a new title with the same TCT is definitely not clean. Probably if the owner had not somehow found out the 'new' owners would have swooped in after he died and taken the land.


Register of Deeds-7 chief faces complaint at Ombuds

The Freeman 08/28/2006

The regional director of the Register of Deeds is now facing a complaint before the Ombudsman for allegedly canceling a Transfer Certificate of Title of a supposed lot owner and having it registered to another party.


Read the entire artcle here.


Fixed spelling :)

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