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Your Ugly Dinner

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On 3/31/2021 at 11:34 PM, Salty Dog said:

The wife calls this a breakfast pizza.

2021-02-14 08.16.34.jpg

2021-02-14 08.19.48.jpg

2021-02-14 08.20.32.jpg

I think the call that torte here but less stuff in it and not nearly so delicious looking.

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Food pics are lame. I'm lame for posting my dinner from last night. Couple of crabs, some blanched octopus with chilies or some shit, and a blue marlin steak cooked into a hockey puck. Feel

If you like the bold flavors...   The barako beans from Batangas make for the best Philippine coffee in my opinion. Thank goodness it hasn't been 'discovered' by the fancy roasters in

Ha... top this!! The ugliest sweet mystery-meat dinner around...

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My lunch yesterday all done in ketogenic way...Not reaaly good in plating but it's plate full of happiness!:wink:


Cauli Brocco Rice

Steamed Chicken Leg 


Chayote Salad


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Our lunches - guess which is mine. :biggrin_01:

Fish soup w/ veggies - 1 package of crackers with Thai pepper soy sauce and home made seasoning



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