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Good waterpark in Bohol - Bet 'n Choy

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We visited that about 3 weeks ago during the week.
Going there from Panglao takes about 90 mins by van but its really worth it.

3 large pools and one "cave" pool. The biggest pool was under maintanace when we were there so that shows the guys take care.
All pools are quit flat so even non swimmers can have fun. 

The big slides are fast and really fun for kids - and the playground in the other pool is for kids too.

Prices are cheap - any you can bring own food (but theres a small restaurant too).
Usage of all 4 pools is 250 per person - and if your 10+ persons than 1 is free.

During the week its usually empty - there was only one other group of fiilippinos besides us - so you really can enjoy. 
Theres a viewpoint tower too but its not much to see and a little wildlife park.







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Thanks, great info & report

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