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Physical vs Mailing Address

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Lost U.S. government mail comes up so often as a topic I thought I’d mention a few things: As long as you notify where your actual physical address is it is lawful to keep a mailing address in the U.S. for almost all purposes.

A U.S postal service form 1583 will eventually be needed for application for delivery by an agent if you want to use a mail service.

It looks like the simple thing to do is have a reliable relative or friend handle your mail to save on a mail service but it is a potential nightmare with time sensitive documents needing review and documents potentially needing to be shipped to you. Plus certain documents you will want to read immediately and keep a file. Most mail services notify you of mail same day and simply scan and ship (if needed) in two clicks.

I am a longer time member here so not trying to shill but US Global Mail has been flawless for years and hidden costs are the lowest.

The one time I desperately needed my mail opened my friend’s ten year marriage was just  breaking up that week and it turned out to be a nightmare. No more friends and family getting my mail. Sounds good but terribly inefficient, imo. Bottom line it doesn’t matter to me what anyone does with my suggestion but please don’t learn from my mistake.

All I can say is consider using one of many services because of the near instant scan ability and/or because they can ship sealed mail immediately.Having a good relationship with your local PHL carrier is a perfectly valid method but goes on the premise that the mail makes it to the  nice contact you have at the PHL post office. I have my contact that way but I bet it has to pass a dozen hands before it gets to him.

If you want my US Global Mail referral code PM me. Not important to me but we both would get a free month service. I would feel like a beggar posting it here. Most services are good not just the above but I have no direct experience with the rest.

If you use a service make sure you can cancel it online when you no longer need it. Some will only let you cancel by physical mail.

Also, limit the mail service to the most important stuff. Last I checked you have to notify each addressee individually  once you change your address away from the mail service.

Still the scan service is a blessing!

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