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Speaking Of Ormoc

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8 hours ago, soupeod said:

That is not in Ormoc but in Albuera where the suspected drug dealers are from.  

Are these the guys in the big 4x4's with pony tails ?

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On 2/1/2018 at 2:38 AM, liquido said:

I have had Ormoc on my go to radar for awhile and now with this new 2go ferry it reminded me..First of all do they have any motorbike rental there,I know its asking alot..As far as hotels go I see the Don Felipe is close to the pier(I guess the center piece hotel) but I think its only 2 star..I also saw mentioned here a long time back Cristina Business suites  and a cheapy place called Davids Inn..I will be bringing a ladyfriend  so im looking for a Hotel with close proximity within downtown if im not able to rent a motorbike to roam around the city..I read an old thread here from 2011 Dumaguete vs Ormoc and was wondering if alot has changed ..... 

I've been travelling from Ireland to Ormoc now for about 4 years and I like it.

I love the general laid back feeling of the place.

The future Mrs is a teacher here in Ormoc so I split my time here between staying at a local hotel and staying at her place out in Brgy Hibunaon.

There isnt really a lot to do or places to go if you like bars and nightclubs but I dont so it suits me just fine.

I would recommend Davids Inn as I stay there most times - Owned by a nice guy from New Zealand called David.  The don felipe is 2 minutes walk from the ferry terminal - good food but never stayed there.  Villa hotel about 5 minutes away on foot - did stay there - will cost a bit more but its a nice hotel.

There's a new Robinson's mall just opened (short trike ride) with cinema and everything which is cool since the last old one burnt down and there's an SM mall opening, I think next month, which is closer to the town center.

Sabin resort, as mentioned before is a more upmarket hotel just 5 minutes south by trike with a really nice pool and gardens and further south there's other places to go swimming like Bantigue Beach resort and Baybayon ni Agalon.

I've just had a few trips all the way south to Padre Burgos (Peters Dive Resort) and it is nice down there.  More peace and quiet :)

I went looking for bike rental years ago and ended up just buying one as I could'nt find any rental places and I don't think there are any today.  But for travel around Ormoc a trike costs next to nothing and there are plenty to choose from.

The food court serves tasty cheap eats, Lorenzo's at the sea front is good for coffee and their suicide burgers are tasty, as is Sutuwaki next door (both owned by the same person I think as you can eat at one what you order at the other). 

The pineapples are to die for and the liempo is awesome and theres a Bo's Coffee and even a McD's and KFC now too..

Cristobals Inn is a fairly recently opened hotel that I havnt stayed at yet but looks nice.

24hr shops springing up all over the place now too and a lot of work going on right now around the port area.  Last time I was there theTicketing Offices had moved to just inside the bus station main entrance because of this.  Actually everywhere you look in Ormoc just now you can see tower cranes and new construction.  The new multi coloured water fountains on the waterfront and outside the old town hall are pretty cool.  Since Mayor Gomez has been elected there seems to be a lot of improvements happening (The best one to date for me is the spotless CR under the city stage at the waterfront :) )

A normal day for me would be a slow walk around town with my camera maybe calling in at Bo's Coffee (BLT), dunkin Donuts (Donuts and coffee :) ), Lorenzo's or McD's (Burger).  Optional Kwek-Kwek (tasty little egg things) and definite ice-cream from the guy across the road from the police station in the evening :) 

I just enjoy the heat (and the rain. Especially when I'm on the bike heading out into the countryside in shorts and tshirt) and the laid back atmosphere with optional scuba diving at Peters Dive Resort (A scuba center a bit closer would be nice but its well worth the trip :) )

I spend 3 weeks on an oil rig and Ormoc gives me the perfect location to unwind.

All in all, I feel safer walking around Ormoc than I have ever felt walking around Northern Ireland..  The place is full of characters when you take the time to stop and have a chat :)

I may have strayed off topic a bit here ...

Can you tell I'm sitting bored at a PC in Northern Ireland planning my next trip back ;)


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Ormoc was ok, I came overland from Tacloban. I planned on staying a few days... but on the first day I saw just about the whole city.

Walked from the pier up to Osmena st about 7 times (mostly checking hotels, seeing the area). Went to Robinson. Had lunch over the river at a Japanese place, about 3 coffees, at different times, at Lorenzo's cafe, and a seafood dinner at the place next door, saw a little bit of nightlife... basically I didnt see any reason to spend 800p a night staying there, what was I going to do the next day, have 5 coffees? LOL! So, I just took the ferry back to Cebu the next day.

There are several hotels a short walk from the pier, in the 800-1500p range. Don F., Pongos, LA Lodge, David's, Novo, Peachtree, a new hotel beside Bo's Coffee, and a few others.

Trikes wanted an average of 50p from me.

Fastcraft ferry cost 1200 to go to Cebu (ocean jet, was a nice and rather fast trip). 900 for Supercat, but im not fond of them, so I paid the extra for oceanjet.

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