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The Psychological Impact of Our Clothing

Salty Dog

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18 hours ago, Salty Dog said:
The Psychological Impact of Our ClothingThe clothes you choose do matter.Our clothing can reveal a lot about ourselves. It can also change the value of what you have to say. Think of it as “you are what you wear.”Now, look back at the choices you made for your outfit today. Did you dress how you want to feel or how you currently feel?Clothes have the ability to show others your type of employment, spending habits, emotions, and ambitions. That’s nothing to take lightly.Assumptions and decisions about us are made in the blink of an eye, every day. And worst yet, a first impression is sometimes all we may have. But we all do it. It’s stamped into us from all those years of social conditioning.People make their assessments of others within the first few seconds. That’s the fact. Visual assessments cause judgments way beyond just our physical presence. That’s the problem. Clothes have such a strong influence over the way other people perceive us and the way we perceive ourselves.Shopping and spending are two actions generally motivated from one’s emotions, experiences, personalities and cultures. Which means, the behavior behind it is often found to be much more deeply rooted.The clothes we wear influence the way we think, not just what they say about us but what they say to us.So, do our outfits really alter the way we approach and interact with the world?Yes.It’s definitely worth exploring the various studies on the psychology of human perception. They reveal how simple acts can change one’s value, like how the act of holding a clipboard is proven to make people feel more intelligent.I grew up with a fascination in shows like “What Not to Wear” and “Love, Lust, or Run” with Stacy London and watched how women (and sometimes men) would be transformed from start to finish. No matter the initial attitudes towards the change, each person inevitably felt the same towards the end of their journey. They became happier, lighter, more confident in themselves and had a better outlook on life.Our clothes say a great deal about who we are and who we want to be. They can signal social standards that may not be fundamentally correct. One, who is not, can appear authoritative simply from the appearance of a single outfit. And these perceptions can start as early as childhood, where clothing may often portray to another the child’s academic standing.Little details in women’s work attire, from the length of a women’s skirt to the number of buttons unfastened on a blouse, can vary perception of workplace status, intelligence, confidence, trustworthiness and organization. It’s a shame the competence of women can be negatively perceived by the difference of a skirt line being just above or just below the knee. Studies show that women who dress more masculine to an interview are more likely to be hired than women who dress more feminine.Additionally, following a “dress to impress” mindset is proven to enhance people’s ability to engage in abstract thinking. All from the difference in what you wear.People judge those in suits more favorably than those who are not in suits. Interestingly, most times these judgments are not directed at what one is wearing. You might hear perceptions for one to be “more confident, successful, flexible, and a higher earner” from the appearance of a clean suit. These assumptions are directly spoken to one’s character and not to one’s chosen dress attire, but are contingent upon what one is wearing.What we wear can easily become a matter of habit so simply doing something different with your clothes could change the impression others have of you.Dressing in athleisurewear might suggest you are athletic while dressing in formal attire might suggest you work in a high-power position. The same goes for dressing in sweats publicly suggesting you have given up. Alternatively, bright colors would suggest you’re more approachable where more neutral colors would send the message that you’d prefer not to draw attention to yourself.These examples go on and on and only continue to reiterate the same dilemma: We all make quick judgments based off the clothes people wear, whether we notice it or not.Stop letting your clothes wear you.Next time you dress, think about what kind of message you want to send.

Some of you guys are stuck in the past .now days materials that are lighter dry faster cooler more suitable for outdoor adventure bit of spandex makes for less butt crack showing lol

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I enjoy spending the day in my undies.. quite comfy and much less laundry.. 

Damn...after all my years here in the North Georgia mountains, and finally rounding out my entire wardrobe with all camo, plus accessories.....CRAP it all, I give up!

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Was sitting in a group and one lady was whining about how old she felt.  One of the men asked her how old she was,  30 she responded.  Crap he says I have shoes at home that old!  As we are sitting there laughing it dawned on me so do I.  My Frey boots are now 40 years old.

My ties have been back in style a couple times, not sure about now, will have to check. 

I don't mean to brag but I can still wear the same size socks I wore in high school :P

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Edgar knew:

I am eager once more to feel easy,
I'm weary of thinking of dress;
I'm heartily sick of stiff collars,
And trousers the tailor must press.
I'm eagerly waiting the glad days—
When fashion will cease to assert
What I must put on every morning—
The days of the blue flannel shirt.

I want to get out in the country
And rest by the side of the lake;
To go a few days without shaving,
And give grim old custom the shake.
A week's growth of whiskers, I'm thinking,
At present my chin wouldn't hurt;
And I'm yearning to don those old trousers
And loaf in that blue flannel shirt.

You can brag all you like of your fashions,
The style of your cutaway coat;
You can boast of your tailor-made raiment,
And the collar that strangles your throat;
But give me the old pair of trousers
That seem to improve with the dirt,
And let me get back to the comfort
That's born of a blue flannel shirt. 

Edgar Albert Guest

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8 hours ago, Jester said:

My ties have been back in style a couple times,


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Take a walk on the other side of life!!!



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Jess Bartone
15 hours ago, Aerosick said:

Take a walk on the other side of life!!!



I call bullshit.

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