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Personality Traits of a Filipina Bad Girl

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On 1/19/2018 at 7:03 PM, Dafey said:

It's easy to fall in love with these girls, especially when you are naive to their ways...hopefully this thread will save a few guys some pocket money. Stuff adds up!

Hahaha many will rush in headlong regardless of how many friends are beating them in the face with the red flags. 

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oh i agree!   why...just yesterday my wife asked me when i was going to go food shopping and i told her "as soon as i finish the laundry!"   i have no problem laying down the law when necessary !

oh i'm sure that would be a happy-go-lucky addition to this strange topic.  i been here in the philippines a helluva lot longer than you and many other members and i can safely say there is no co

A friend of mine sent it to me....when I read it, I saw a complete description of the first girl I had a relationship with here...that relationship cost me something over a million pesos....so I thoug

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