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Easy pay your bills online with coins.ph

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As I now do some Bitcoin trading and earned a little money I thought its a good way to test how coins.ph is working.

I transferred some Bitcoin to my Bitcoin Wallet - it took about 10 minutes for the BTC to arrive in my wallet.
Then I clicked on "exchange" and directly I had the amount in php in my peso wallet. As my initial BTC invest has nearly tripled I dont care much about fees now, but sure you need to add the fees to that process.

Now I have 18K php in my peso wallet and I used that to pay my SKY TV and Globe Broadband bill.
If you go on "Pay bills" you use a Bayad Center - all I was asked is account number, due date and date of bill and amount to pay. Then you click on Pay and done.
A few minutes later you get an email confirming the payment was done - so you have a proof in case ....

As coins.ph has implemented BAYAD CENTER you have access to nearly all mayor companies that issue bills - that way I now will use coins.ph instead of going to a BAYAD Center everytime.


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Salty Dog


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I pay my globe, sky and veco bills from my BPI account online

I can pay "now" or indicate what date to pay, I get an e-mail 1 day before bill is paid

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I thought about using BPI online too before - but all the time I got stuck - In BPI I have to enter the bill providers data and then go to an ATM and do a approval for it. I never went further as I fear I enter 3 date and then I have to go to an ATM first and there its not working ...

With Coins I just did everything online - not leaving the house at all - no hassle.

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