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A couple of Registration and DL questions

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The insurance sold at the LTO area (at least in my area) is offered by small fixer operations who will sell the insurance as well as assist getting the belch test etc.  so, by buying their liability policy, you get their assistance.

Years ago, I owned a multicab and had no comprehensive insurance.  So, I used the fixers and paid the going rate.  Then I bought a new car and bought the compreshvines and liability policies.  There was a shocking difference in liability premiums.  

At the fixer, I would pay usually between ₽2000and ₽3000. When I bought the policy at the more established insurance agent, it was around ₽1000. 

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You do not have to use the smoke test station close to the LTO facility, you can use any smoke test station.

At the smoke station in connection with LTO in Talisay there is always a ton of cars and bike

once I checked there was maybe 20 cars & 30 bikes waiting

Just across from Robinson there were a test station maybe 1 or 2 vehicles, no wait time

that test station has now moved further south, close to the my bus end station 

I just go there with my car and bike, smoke test and stencil done, I pay him and off I go

he will then arrange for insurance and the LTO paper work, saves me from running around

a few days later I can pick up the papers

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I just recently renewed the registration on my car. I live on Camotes islands and it was news 3 years ago that the LTO was to open an office here. I have on many occasions asked about the opening of the LTO office here but on no occasion was I given any information, Anyway, I went to Danao again to do the registration, which cost me a lot of cash for the car on the ferry (1500 each way) plus extras. I did the insurance on line and with the fully comp I got the Ctpl . when I got to Danao, I went to the emissions test and got that done (450peso) Went to LTO gave them the paperwork, they said they dont accept the CTPL. as it did not have a certificate they recognise. I did argue with them but they said no way. My wife was with me and she told them that she would take it back to the company and would see that the LTO would do the right thing. I was so pissed off, but she told me to be quiet. I told the guy that I still had a CTPL that was valid plus the one that was issued by my insurance company. Just get it done. He said no. Wife said OK, we will take it back to the company and we will fight this shit, (thats when I shut up). All of a sudden, everything was OK, he said bring the car in for the inspection. Which I did, he checked nothing on the car, but signed off the paperwork and then fast tracked me to get it all finished, after another 30 minutes he gave me the receipt but said no sticker. I have to say, this crap does piss me off, but I did speak to a couple of people on Camotes  who said that Jomalia shipping company had paid someone in LTO and maybe the Mayor to delay the opening of the LTO office. I have to say, it makes sense for Jomalia to delay or stop the the LTO opening as of course it will mean a  huge reduction in revenue for Jomalia. And of course, Jomalia have sole control here. I think the time is due for Someone to take down this corruption.


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@NigelandMJ Is there a smoke test station on Comotes? I haven't done a rego at the LTO in years.  I get the smoke test done, then take that into the office with a OR/CR copy and the guy calculates the full cost. I pay and come back in a week or so. Done. My multicab has to be done in CDO so it's a little extra. I prefer they don't have a sticker.  If they don't the receipt is stamped No sticker available.  They tell me to check back in a month for the sticker and I say, see you next year. 


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12 hours ago, SkyMan said:

 Is there a smoke test station on Comotes?

No, there is no smoke test station here on Camotes. I know there used to be one as a few years ago I saw the old signs on a building wall in the port area. However, where they are building the new LTO office there is also a smoke test station being installed next door. This is also in the port area of Poro exactly the same location as the previous test station.

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