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Forum Rules -=- Please Read Before Posting

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Forum Rules

01. Registering / SPAM / General Information

  • Registration - Do not register using temporary, disposable, or business email addresses. If you do, you will be banned immediately. Do not register masking your IP address or with a VPN. If you do, your account will be banned. Minors are not allowed to be members of the forum.
  • User Accounts - Multiple accounts are not allowed. If multiple accounts are discovered, they will be banned.
  • Spammers - If you post SPAM anywhere on this forum, you will be banned immediately. All new posts from new members are subject to approval. 
  • Zero Spam tolerance policy - Do not SPAM other members of this forum via private message.  If you do, you will be banned immediately.
  • Usernames - Do not create usernames that are email addresses, business names or websites. Examples would be "John's Fish Farm". Your account will be banned, and you will need to re-register in order to use the forum. Political, religious, controversial, vulgar or sexual in nature usernames are also prohibited.
  • New Members with no forum activity will be removed. You don't have to post, but you do have to access the forum after your registration is approved.

02. RESPECT To Others 

  • Posting a smart or sarcastic reply to a thread, especially where someone is asking for genuine assistance, is completely unnecessary, uncalled for and will not be tolerated. Violators will be warned, suspended, or banned.
  • Personal attacks of any kind against another member will not be tolerated. Violators will be warned, suspended, or banned.
  • Posts that could be considered insulting, degrading, or negative towards another member's family will not be tolerated. The post will be removed and the violator will be warned, suspended, or banned.
  • Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Just because you may not agree, it doesn't give you the right to attack them for stating theirs. If someone doesn't agree and says so, that's okay. If they don't agree, but attack you personally, that's not okay.

03. Off Topic Posts Within A Thread 

  • Please stay on topic. It is far easier to start a new topic than hijack someone else's thread. Starting a new thread is easy, don't be shy to do so. 

04. Prohibited Topics, Posts, Avatars and Signatures

  • DO NOT post political, religious, controversial, vulgar or sexual topics/posts ANYWHERE on the open forum. Members are warned after the first infraction and banned after the second. Many people love to discuss these topics, however, many others do not. So, let's all respect each other here and keep these topics in The Comfort Room (CR) Forums where they are allowed.
  • User's Avatars and SignaturesThe same rules apply to User's Avatars and Signatures. They shall not be political, religious, controversial, vulgar or sexual in nature. 
  • The Comfort Room (CR) Forums - The CR contains forums for discussing politics, religion and controversial topics. These forums are hidden from guest viewers and the general membership. The membership requirements for access to the CR are posted in the So You Want To Join The Comfort Room thread. Once you have been granted access, you may post associated topics/posts in these forums.

05. Illegal Activities

  • Any illegal activities detected by forum administration will be reported to appropriate law enforcement agencies. 

06. Posting of Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, Web Links or Commercial Ads

  • Email Addresses - Email addresses are not to be posted anywhere on this site, without the permission of the site administrator.
  • Contact Numbers - Contact numbers are not to be posted anywhere on this site without the permission of the site administrator.
  • Web Links - Web links to social media websites, blogs or personal web pages are not allowed without the permission of the site administrator. 
  • Posting Ads - No ads are to be placed anywhere on these forums without prior approval. Doing so will result in a warning with a suspension or banning.
  • Posting Business Links - In short, don't do it, unless you are a current paid advertiser. Do not post links promoting your business or even items you wish to sell. This is not a classified ads site. It offers advertising for those who wish to market their business or to sell personal goods or property.

07. User Groups

  • New Members are members with 0-20 posts
  • Full Members are members with 21-200 posts
  • Elite Members are members with over 200 posts.

08. New Members

  • Joining - When you first join the site, you join the forums as a New Member. If you wish to subscribe or donate to the site, you will immediately become a Sponsor Member. This automatically grants your account full access to the forums.
  • Account Approval - After you have validated your account, your account will be reviewed, and approved by Admin. After approval, you will receive an email notification informing you of the approval. Please do not contact staff regarding approvals. They are approved as soon as possible. Usually, this is within 24-48 hours after you have validated your account. It could take longer. Be patient, please.
  • Introductions - We encourage all new members to post a brief introduction in the Introduction Threads Forum, no matter what user group you start in. It is a good way to "break the ice" and get involved in the forums.
  • Posting & Forum Access - The first few posts by New Members will be moderated (hidden until approved). This prevents SPAMMERs from joining and immediately posting SPAM on the forum. After five posts have been approved, you will be able to post regularly in most forums.
  • Proper Spelling - Most browsers have spell check in them. Please use them. Regarding the citizens and country of this forum's focus, it would be the Philippines and Filipino (masculine), Filipina (feminine), Pinoy (masculine) or Pinay (feminine).
  • Profile Access - You will not be granted access to view or edit your profile, or to view any other members' profiles on the forums, until you have posted 21 successful posts. Your account will then be moved into the Full Member user group, giving you full access to the forums.
  • Private Message (PM) Access - PM features are restricted until you have reached a total of 21 posts and have been moved into the Full Member user group. However, staff members can send a PM to you, to communicate regarding forum business. You will be able to reply to those PMs. You may also start a new communication with staff members.
  • Signatures - You do not have permission to edit your signature. Do not ask for permission to do so.
  • Contact - If you have any issues regarding how to use the forum software or any of the functions of the software, feel free to post a question, comment or concern, in How To Use This Forum. If you have issues logging in, please contact us by clicking on the "Contact Us" Link at the bottom of the page.

09. Full Members

  • Posting & Access - After you have made 21 successful posts, your account will be promoted to the Full Member user group. Once you are in the Full Members user group, you will have full access to the forums, allowing you to post topics and replies in all general forums on the site.

10. Elite Members

  • Members of the Elite Member user group have 201 posts and have earned a positive reputation by actively posting on the forums. These members may now appreciate complete, full access of every open forum on the site.

11. Sponsors - Subscriptions & Donations

  • Joining / Upgrading Membership - All members, whether having just joined or if you have been on the site for a while, may choose to donate to the site. By donating to the site, you will be upgraded to a "Sponsor or Jeweled Sponsor" member. Jeweled Sponsors are based on donations within a specific amount and are for one year from donation. Upon successfully donating, you will be moved into the appropriate user group.
  • Jeweled Sponsors - are granted more reputations per day, higher total allowed attachments, higher attachment size limits and so on, depending on their sponsor status.
    • Opal Sponsor $15.00 - $24.99
    • Sapphire Sponsor $25.00 - $34.99
    • Emerald Sponsor $35.00 - $44.99
    • Ruby Sponsor $45.00 - $69.99
    • Diamond Sponsor $70.00 - $99.99
    • Triple Diamond Sponsor $100.00 or more
  • Alternative - If you choose to donate an amount between $5.00 - $14.99 USD to the site, you will become a member of the Sponsor user group.
  • Restrictions - Donating to the forums, or to any charities this site supports, does not give you the right to break any rules of the forums. Purchasing a subscription or donating does not give any member the right to post ads on the site, or to contact members offering their services, without permission.

12. Forum Staff and Members

  • Administrators / Moderators - Each of the staff know their respective duties and what is required of them to help maintain order on the forums. If you have an issue with one of the Staff, contact an Administrator via a PM to sort out your issue. Do not post your issues on the forum. Doing so will result in a warning with a suspension or banning.
  • Forum Members - Please leave moderating to the staff. If you believe a topic or post violates the rules, click the "report" button at the top right corner of the post. Alternatively, you may send a PM to one of the moderators or administrators on the site. Please include a link to the post in question. Do not police the forum yourself, as that often leads to arguments, flaming, and someone getting a warning or banned. If you have an issue with the forum or how the forum is being managed, contact one of the staff via a PM. Do not post your issues on the forum. Doing so will result in a warning with a suspension or banning.
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