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On 2/16/2018 at 10:56 AM, musicman666 said:

just thought I would post this clip in case any one of you guys out there are under the misapprehension that the who wasn’t the best rock and roll band that ever lived ...hope this helps.


They were good but....


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I'm trying to attaching another song but it keeps putting up kid rock.  MM I understand what you say, and I am saying we see those four guys as different guys in different songs.  I love those songs. 

For example:  Me, Guns and Roses and Merle Haggerd are my guys and songs.


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Kabisay-an gid

All Hail "The Riff Master", Tony Iommi! "Balls dragging the ground" Rock n Roll! Crank it up all the way and bask in the greatness, my biotches!  :biggrin_01: :party0023:


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