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Scars of War: Sta. Barbara Central School Zamboanga City

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Sta. Barbara Central Elementary School was at the center of fighting between the Philippine Government and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) during the Zamboanga Siege which took place in September 2013. The buildings have remained untouched for the most part since the end of those hostilities more than four years ago.

I had heard the stories behind this school and have passed by it several times when in Zamboanga City, but never had the time to stop and check it out. Earlier this month I had some extra time and decided to walk around the compound and get a few pictures.

The school was used as a staging area for the MNLF fighters and was also used to house hostages who were often forced to be human shields.

Some of the pictures show scorched walls which were a result of the fires used for cooking. In other pictures you will see the Disney themed artwork and some graffiti that was written by hostages as they waited to be rescued. One of the pictures shows several shoes that once belonged to some of the hostages who were made to remove them before being taken away to be used as human shields. Unfortunately, some of those hostages were killed

I found the place to be interesting and thought a few others here might also. 

Below are a few pictures I took while roaming around. In the first picture you can partially see a new three story classroom building that was constructed beside of the damaged buildings. There were originally three school buildings on the compound. Two 2 story buildings and a single story building in between. The first floor of one of the original buildings was able to be salvaged and put back into use.















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Di they at least have that "This school is a place of peace" tarpaulin hanging ?

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