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Page two on the Viper



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On 1/20/2018 at 2:54 PM, TequilaSunset said:

I once drove my C5 on Mulholland Drive... fun times

i drove mulholland many times but in a beat up dodge neon.  i did wish i would blend in with the beverly hills and belair crowd but that didn't happen with that junkpile :)

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We used to race Mulholland dr and Sunset blvd and any other we could come up with. Back in the the day. Some of the first lowered street cars and trks came from my small town that was writen in papers. It was just friends having fun 3-4am. 

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4 hours ago, broden said:



For the car that equals a money shot

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Salty Dog

I stopped by Burger King the other day for a whopper fix, okay a junior whopper. Anyway, I was setting there when this nice Black Mercedes SUV pulled in. A few moments later the silver Mercedes pulled up. I'm thinking to myself. What are the odds of this ever happening again when I'm at a Burger King. So I took a picture. That Hyundai on the left is mine...


 2018-02-05 15.57.59.jpg

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