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Rest home on my property

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Just throwing this out there---this rest home is next to the house that we bought a few months back.Was told that is built by the previous owners grandfather in a style suggestive of what is built on Mindoro.5a3b68db288bb_resizenipa1.jpg.2d87e54a209fc3699cd455626b957f63.jpgPretty nice--GF did a good job.

resize nipa 2.jpg

resize nipa 3.jpg

resize nipa 4.jpg

resize nipa 5.jpg

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  • Administrator

Wow!!! Nice photos. Thanks for sharing. That would house 14 of my family members! Just kidding but I have just the place for one of these.

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Nice. We have something similar, only not as elaborate at our house. This is very common in the Philippines. It gives the homeowner an alternate place to entertain guests, rather than inside the actual home.

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Alfred E. Neuman

That rest home needs a Videoke system, guitar, and Tanduay.

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When I first read the topic title, I thought you were starting an old folks care facility on your property, but no, just a rest house.

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beautiful to be honest..

btw its called a native house here... cheap to build but painful to keep in in order!

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