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Urgent Need - 0 Negative blood in Cebu

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Svein Frydenlund, a Norwegian retired gentleman, had a severe accident when we was about to burn some trash in his garden. Using gasoline, a pocket of gas exploded and he is now in Cebu Doctors Hospital with severe burns. He needs urgently 0- blood which is rare among Filipinos but more common among foreigners.

If you wish to donate blood (I belive his health insurance is good, so no financial support is needed), please go to the hospital and refer to him. I don't have the wife's contact number but you can reach her on FB: https://www.facebook.com/lynfrydenlund

I have met Svein a few times, he lives a quiet life in San Carlos, Negros, and until this, his health was great for a man of his age. He has been involved in charity work and might also be a member of this forum although I am not 100 % sure.



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