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Sending money to the Philippines

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1 hour ago, shadow said:

the WU offices in Dumaguete (USSC) give a very competitive rate on $ sent. It has to be sent in $ though, if WU converts it, it's not so good.

That's exactly what I was (trying) to say - you have to send USD->USD or they completely screw you on the conversion.

1 hour ago, Enuff said:

Thats seems like a lot of work for a bad rate.

No 'rate' involved.  Apologies, I obviously didn't write very clearly, what you pay is the WU fee.  If I want to transfer 2999.00  USD and receive 2999.00  USD that will cost me a 20 USD WU fee.

If I transfer that same 2999.00  USD and receive PHP then I'll still pay the same 20 USD WU fee, but they'll also screw me on the conversion rate - I'll receive at least 3000 PHP less than I would by receiving USD and converting at the FX.  I think that spread is usually more than that, but I'm being conservative.

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