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NLC-WHO?? An Introduction to the New NLC2: A True Diamond in the Rough

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In a space like the cryptosphere where words are thrown around so much, it's important to do detailed research to find what is worth you investing in. Too many startups make promises that are redundant and unneeded or are just out of their reach. Investing in something like this can be a big blow to any sized investor, making it extremely important to do thorough research and find your diamond in the rough.


One that my research has led me to is NoLimitCoin2, a cryptocurrency focused on taking primarily fantasy sports market to the next level with pioneering features and advantages to the industry. I say “primarily” sports because they are not limiting themselves to just fantasy football, soccer, hockey, basketball, MMA, cricket, and baseball. In addition to the impressive partnership of Joe Theismann in the football sector, NLC2 has also joined forces with legendary poker player Johnny Chan to improve the world of online poker events.

More to read at the SOURCE.

This is a coin I recently purchased.

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Good choice. I'm holding a few thousand dollars of this as well right now. Let's hope it goes to $1.00 soon, so we can both celebrate our profits. 

They will launch NHL fantasy on November 28th. I hope the price will go back to $0.50c around that date. It's now at $0.185c today, still a bargain for a unique cryptocurrency with a niche market attached to it. 

However my goal is $5.00 within 1 up to 2 years for this one.

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