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Manila cab driver attacks customer who insists on using the meter

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Just another low life who lacks impulse control and these are the best of times, supposedly in this country?  With all of the huge GDP growth and people stuffing their faces at Jollibee like there's no tomorrow.  I'd rather not be here when things REALLY hit the skids.

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Richard K

So?.. I always take a cell pic of the license plate before I even get in the taxi... I always ask if they are "on the meter"..before I get in the taxi.... if not I go find another... there have been exceptions to that when I did not really know how far or exactly where.. but we use the meter and if it is alot of search I give extra after he takes the time and talking to him.... This... like almost everything that is on 24 ORAS is geared toward exciting piliapinos...seems to have worked for the foreigners watching it also...:ROFLMAO:

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