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simple rest house

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State Trooper


Construction of a nipa hut Im building in Agusan Del Sur on one of my extra lots. So far Ive spent P10K. Its 8x12 floor area with a 42"x96" tip out bed. 12vdc electric. Just shows you can get by with less and spend a small amount to get a roof over your head.

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5 hours ago, State Trooper said:

So far Ive spent P10K.

How come it cost so much ?





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Congrats on the progress.  I don’t have images to share, but my BIL is in the midst of finishing a house in a spare lot we have.  Similarly, it is quite cheap to build.  He earns ₽350 a day, so little chance of saving much for such a place.  However, he has a one story house, two bedrooms, a CR, kitchen and dining area with a half high hollow block foundation and walls.  Nips was used to the upper half, though we gave him some leftover window security frames.  He has a tin roof and used coco wood for the framing.  He hired laborers and a skilled guy to do the work.  The most costly portion for him, aside from the labor, is the cement, hollow blocks, when he is done.  I’ll do some photos later and post them.

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On 11/11/2017 at 3:50 PM, RogerDat said:

Love the view, how is it when the wind blows?


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