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Stock market, cash or what to do?

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What was that spew of psychobabble. That should of been posted in the off topic forum.

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XLF Financial Select Sector

FAZ Direxion Daily Financial Bear 3X Shares

FAS Direxion Daily Financial Bull 3X Shares


XLF 50.48% Up

FAZ -94.96% Down

FAS 75.94% Up


I hope I am not getting to confusing but want to talk a little about the leveraged ETF's (electronically traded funds)

You can see the difference between FAZ and FAS. If they followed in a linear fashion the amount FAS would go up would equal the down move of FAZ.

If FAS was truly leverage on the upside 3 times you would see this difference between FAS and XLF. But it is not so.

Things do not behave as advertised.

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Just dropped my IYR position and replaced it with KOL. IYR was just not working out so I sold for a small profit.

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Guys, interesting online 1 hour video spiel on Martin Weiss's moneyandmarkets.com. Might only be there for a short time.

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