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Air Asia plane plummets 20,000 feet, flight crew panics

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20 minutes ago, badian said:

getting on and off aircraft just makes me puke. All those insincere smiles from both them and us are sickening. I'd wear a ski mask to avoid it, if I didn't run the risk of getting arrested for being a terrorist. 

ah cheer up.  i wish that was the only thing i had in life to get upset about :) 

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A “plummeting plane”: I don’t know why some journalists use those “sensational” words for just a normal, STANDARD emergency procedure to descend to the breathable altitude of 10,000ft (depending on th

I have done a few international flights , 35 + , with a range of carriers and Air Asia is easily the worst by far , on a different level of worst , than any other airline I have ever flown with and by

Well they make enough to have their drawers cleaned.

Airplane was almost on the ground coming into the old airport in Manila several years ago  when the pilot aborted the landing and put that bird into the steepest climb he could--------- you could have heard a mouse fart for a couple minutes---- Then the Filipino in them kicked in :)

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I absolutely hated those Korean super models almost hand feeding me morsels of food and pampering me! Damnit I will never put up with that again!

9 min to drop 20k feet... just a slight desent. Unless Lee was flying them I would strap in tight. ?

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