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Mexico just had 7.4 earthquake

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MEXICO CITY -- A powerful earthquake jolted central Mexico on Tuesday, killing more than 100 people, cracking building facades and scattering rubble on streets in the capital on the anniversary of a devastating 1985 quake.

The nationwide death toll rose to 119 on Tuesday evening, according to state and city officials.

The earthquake is the deadliest in Mexico since the 1985 quake that killed thousands. It came less than two weeks after another powerful quake left 90 dead in the country's south.

Scores of buildings collapsed into mounds of rubble or were severely damaged in densely populated parts of Mexico City and nearby states. Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera said buildings collapsed at 44 places in the capital alone. Between 50 and 60 people were pulled alive from the rubble by citizens and rescue workers in the city.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake had a magnitude of 7.1 and was centered near the Puebla state town of Raboso, about 76 miles southeast of Mexico City. 



EDIT:  There is a news video clip on that link which shows some apartment buildings and a school collapsing.  It was a big quake.

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